Dear Diary- I am over stimulated

Curve ball, I think I am going to attempt to turn this lifestyle blog into a compilation of my every day thoughts, experiences, and adventures. Some may be lame, boring, and dumb, while others may be hilarious, fun, revelations, and testimonies; rolled into a tight warm Chinese spring roll of the good, the bad, and the ugly. My heart will more then likely be spilt out leaking onto the pages, like a tall glass of water left out on a table my cat just loves to knock over in the middle of the night. True story.

So I am going to kick start this off by letting you know that my overwhelming thoughts and imaginations are currently crowding my peace tonight. As I sud’s my heavy wet hair in the shower I couldn’t help but realize I am over stimulated, and I can’t keep my thoughts together very long without over thinking every single detail of my life right now. It is basically compared to trying to talk to someone who keeps finishing your sentences for you, or cutting you off to have their turn to speak. You feel quiet rushed, and unheard altogether. Right now, I am overstimulated on my thoughts about how to blog and where this blogging is going to take me. I think I must just write and the style will eventually flow. I feel like I have already wasted some space rambling about what direction to take, or why I am so inspired to share my story.

Life is hectic busy, and not just for me, but for us all. On top of the hustle and bustle of life you have to stop and make sure you snap shot each picture perfect moment to advertise it for all your so called “online social media friends” to see, time consuming. The busyness starts to wear your down and it becomes a barrier between what is really the most important thing in life, which in my opinion is connecting with loved ones and growing and nurturing relationships between family and friends.

Sometime I want to freeze time, just so I can scoop my what were once babies, now big kids, into a little ball and just hold them and squeeze them and let them know even though Mom never slows day, you are important to me and I love you very much.

I think, as a wife and mom, sometimes I lack in the department of letting my family know how much I value the happiness they bring into my life, our of being so focused on the next task that needs to be checked off the never ending to do list. I am never alone and I always have someone to take care of, and someone to love me back. It’s really not a cliche either, I really can’t image my life with out them in it.

I live in a world bubble I have created for myself that values and cultivates what the Lord is speaking and showing me on the daily. I feel like he is always revealing truth to me in so many creative ways, and confirms to me that he is always ever present. I feel like he shares nuggets of truth with me to share with others who are in need of some exposure of his love. Unfortunately I don’t think I have it in me as of now in the season of life I am in to write long detailed teachable blog posts.

I am just a girl, loved by the creator, running my race, and absorbing God’s grace daily.

I would like to share in a normal every day type of way how we can see God in everything we do. I want to share so that others don’t look at believers and prejudge them and assume they are just this fake person trying to be the best they can in their own strengths, who talks all the talk, but never connects with others and walks the love walk. Through our actions we speak so much louder then words.

I don’t live in denial and I don’t live on cloud 9 all the time either! Yes, I am extremely abundantly blessed with God’s mercy, grace, and love, but I also fall down, get discouraged, and act like a selfish spoiled hard headed brat, if I can be honest with you. The one thing I believe sets me apart is that I don’t give up, I will fight tooth and nail for what I believe in. So if the enemy wants to come against me, I am going to be on my knees in prayer fighting against his schemes to enslave me in bondage and steal my joy.

I would like to connect with others also though. This blogging adventure is meant to be a tool to engage with others. I don’t want to be alone. If you have a dairy style blog please comment below so I can follow you and read your posts. If you don’t blog, well we can still communicate through the comments. Drop me some lines and I will be sure to respond to you.

–Ash’Leigh Harris

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