Last Day of Winter Break

January 7th 2019 1:41pm

I’m just taking a brief moment out of my day to write up a quick blog post about this being my last winter break vacation day. Tomorrow I return back to work!

I am very thankful and blessed to have a job that lets me have the same days off as my children as I work for a school district.

I am thankful this break gave me endless opportunities to catch up on sleep and rest, hang out with my husband, have some fun with my kids, catch up on some creative worship art projects, and yes catch up on much needed house cleaning!!

I learned that I need to continue this second semester with some new habits for my home and for my health. I also learned that I may be a little lonely as I don’t have as many adult friends that I would like to have. If I am being honest my lack of friends is probably a result of me becoming a non-proactive recluse in my 30’s.🤷🏼‍♀️

I Guess I should work on that!

Here we go… back to the grind, the hustle and bustle of 4:30am cardio sessions at the gym, 7a-4pm work days, 5pm-6pm trainings at the gym 6-8 basketball practices/ dinners and 🛏, just so I can repeat and do it all again! 🤪🎉💖☀️💃🏼

I love this life thing, it’s great!

Cheers 🥂 to last day of vacation!

-Ash’Leigh Harris

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