I can’t sleep so I will write.

It is strange to me how the human body can basically have a mind of its own. I seem to be getting 4-5 hours of sleep before waking up and staring at the ceiling. If you know me personally this is unheard of as I am a lover of thy 7-8 hours of sleep. So why now body why are you going on sleep strike? Is it because all we have done summer break is rest and recoup and now your taking a stand against me and rising up in rebellion against my will for you? LOL It sounds funny when worded that way.

I haven’t blogged since January. That is insane! I honestly don’t even know why I keep this thing. I use it and abuse it, love it and then leave it. I don’t know as we age our time becomes so filled with so many things that take us in all sorts of directions.

I have a friend who was talking about how not all who wander are lost and she was expressing that sometimes we do have to get our hands into a lot of things until we figure out what it truly is we want to do. it reminded me of myself and for the first time made me realize I am a wanderer and have been for years.

I wander into writing, I wanderer in my art, and mostly what gets me off track are these two things 1. Procrastination and 2. Boredom.

I know I’m not lost (after all it is Christ who has set me free) ;)….. but how long must I wander?

Well the simple truth is the length I wander is actually co-dependent on me. I am the captain of this ship.

I think fear also handicaps my focus. Fear of being selfish and self- gratifying. I go all in so to speak and then tend to neglect my sweet family in my pursuits of finding and indulging in my creative outlets.

Maybe you feel the same way, I don’t know?

Do you wander and get your hands into a million things trying to figure out what you enjoy the most?

Do you have a hard time staying committed to writing or journaling?

I use to be a journaling queen and all that seems to have stopped. Maybe this will be the start of a new blog quest or maybe this will be a blip in the air space for 2019.



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