Say Something

Blank Page

So empty
So calm
So peaceful.
Endless possibilities
No expectations
No disappointments
Free from impression.
What will you mark?
What will you say?
Something positive?
Something negative?
Something exciting?
Something daunting?
Something beautiful?
Something ugly?
Something colorful?
Something glumly?
Will you write?
Will you doodle?
Scribble scrabble?
Lie or tell the truth?
Pour out your soul or
joke around?
Your the creator, make it yours.
Don’t sell out, don’t be a fake or a phony.
Just be authentic, transparent.
Be true to yourself always.
Never compromise for acceptance.
Be you!

Author: Ash’Leigh Harris

I am a 30’s something Wife and Mom who is living each day absorbing God’s love, grace, and truth. I believe we were created by the Creator to create a life that is worthy of our calling while we are here on Earth. My goal as a blogger is to inspire and encourage you to leave your creative mark on this place as well!

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