Speak for Love

When I first started this blog about 3 years ago I was looking for a creative outlet to express myself while encouraging others by being a voice to speak truth. More about this in detail HERE.  A lot has changed in the past three years. While my heart and my motives were pure I needed some more understanding of what having a relationship with Christ really intailed and seeking him consistently as in every day before I could make him known to others.

I have been on an adventure of identity and healing while uncovering some passions of mine that I had tucked away in my childhood. I have since then been redeveloping my love for art, and this has allowed me to step into my calling and destiny of becoming a child of God. Art has flooded my life and in the soaking has allowed me to become more aware of God’s love for me through the artistic tools he has gifted to me in faith to share with others his love for them!

I an now ready to share what living a life devoted to Christ looks like from my perspective. I hope that I can encourage you to allow God’s grace and love to flow from my words to your heart as you read what he is doing in my life and grasp the revelation that he can do it in your life as well by the power of his love that transforms us and makes us healed and whole to be more like his son Jesus whom he gave to us that who ever shall believe in him will not perish, but have every lasting life! May he be gloried through my expressions. May you be blessed!

Don’t be a stranger! I would love to interact with you in the comments!

You can contact me at leighleighspeaks@gmail.com or on my Instagram Account Absorbing_Grace

❤ Ash’Leigh Harris

24 thoughts on “Speak for Love

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