All Moms need to know about the Traveling Picnic



Especially Busy on the Go Moms!

Are you a super busy Mom who often wishes there was an easier way to feed your kids while you are on the go with out stopping for FAST FOOD? Why didn’t I think of this years ago and the clean up is SO EASY!!!

My week day meal time drama:
4:30pm head to Gym (which is about 15 minuets from my home)
4:50-6:00pm work out (back and biceps day)
6:30 Basketball game 15 minuets away from my Gym
Expected arrival to home after basketball games 8:45/9:00pm
Bedtime- 8:00pm

My solution for said planned drama for meal time: a TAVELING PICNIC!

My kids had a PB&J dinner picnic with meal trays in the mom mobile traveling from the gym to big Brother’s Basketball game this evening!

No excuses get your work out in Busy Moms!

The kids loved something out of the ordinary for dinner and the meal trays made it super easy for them to eat their meal in their booster seats!

Happy Tummies equals no hungry annoying kids bugging you while Mommy watches Big High School Bubba play his basketball game!

Traveling Picnic! Tell all your Mom friends! :0)


*Don’t have time for prepare a picnic? Then go ahead and go through the drive through, but leave your meal trays in your car! It helps keep your mom mobile clean and it is a simple clean up!

Leigh Leigh

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Saying Goodbye to being a Mother of a Preschooler

I feel like I am mixed up in TRANSITION of no longer being a Mother of preschool aged children!

For the past 10 years I have had at least one child who was preschool age at home. My story of a Mother of 4 is a little complicated. I have actually been even if only momentarily a Mother of over 18 children. I know what your thinking so let me answer your question! No, I am not related to the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe!

I have been a Mother of a preschooler for 10 years!!!

The journey started when I was 19. I married a man who had  primary custody of his two small children 2 and 5. We married when I was 20 which officially made me step mom to his 3 and 6 year old children. At the age of 21 I had my first child who is now 8. We began our foster parent journey while he was 2. We have fostered over 18 children from 2008- until just last month!

The small 2 year old and 5 year old I fell in love with 10 years ago are now 13 (middle school) and 16 (high school )! My baby is 5 (pre-k) and my oldest is 8 (elementary).

Having a preschooler in the house has been a HUGE part of my mom identity for so long I am now having some issues getting use to being a part of the “older kids Mom Club!” (If there is such a thing, because I can’t seem to find one!) I mean I have a 16 year old Step Son for crying out loud! Ha ..not to mention I am only 29!

It seems that there is a high demand for encouragement and advice for Moms of preschoolers! I would know! I served as a leader of the MOPS STEERING team for 2 years and loved every minuet of it. I attended the MOMCONs which we AMAMAZING I like to add!

Where is my child is not a preschooler but not a teenager either Club, or the Club for the Mom who has two sets of aged children: Not preschool/not teenager and Mom of TEENS!? I need help and support when I get asked where babies come from, why there are evil people in the world, why cake is not considered a dinner food, why some people have two mommies and two daddies and I only have one!? The list goes on!

Motherhood is a  journey in itself. As we are raising our children up to be suitable adults, we are growing more mature all the while, and all the wiser! A mother of a preschooler seems to be trapped into that identity and mindset even if she does have much older children she is raising as well! Let’s not mention how Step motherhood is like a whole nother adventure of motherhood!!! Foster Motherhood is bitter, sweet.

To think that this coming fall I will not have any small children at home feels so strange and foreign to me. I work at a Mothers Day Out Preschool three days a week so even while I am at work, my child has been there with me. Next year she will be going to public school, and I will officially be separated from all my children during the school day! 😦

I am basically just rambling, but I am curious if this is just a normal thought/emotional process for a mom who is no longer a mom to a child under 4?


Leigh Leigh

Never again! Bad dreams and co-sleeping with your child! #momstruggle

My babies are older now. It’s been a good four year since we have had a little bitty baby in the house. Some days I miss that. Mine are 5 and 8 now.

Some nights I lay awake day dreaming about how I wish they were still little enough to snuggle with at night. Little warm and lavender smelling heaters to keep you warm and cozy all night. I would long for a night they would ask to sleep with us because they were afraid of a shadow on the wall of some sort.

It just doesn’t really happen here.

In those day dreams this is exactly what I had envisioned……

See isn’t this so sweet!!? Momma Cat is snuggling baby cat keeping her little safe and sound. Awe… No more bad dreams baby, Mommy is here!

Can I just interrupt this mushy moment with a little dose of reality!?

Well it finally happened last night! Our 5 year old daughter came bolting in our room tears and all with that sweet little innocent voice: “Daddy I want you!”

“Okay get in the middle of us!”

That warm sweet lavender scented soft baby has vanished leaving me with a sleepy, whiney, very boney, sweaty ball of a mess child! She didn’t smell so sweet, or lovely for that matter! More like Chicken Nuggets and Cheetos, laced with smelly feet!

I can’t recall much but if I could paint you a picture I am pretty sure my night looked a lot like these pictures to follow..

We started the night out in my favorite sleeping position. Momma on her back! Now imagine a life size 5 year old on my tummy, and I am not quiet that wide! 🙂

That position left me winded and uncomfortable so I rolled over onto my side. This is where her sweaty hair was suffocating me!

I manage to push her off my face and try this half side, half stomach position.

I suspect we got away with this co-sleeping position for a good portion of the night. Well, until my shoulder started to hurt and my side began to ache!

I decided it was time to give the whole tummy position a run for it’s money! After all it’s probably close to 2 in the morning and I am beginning to feel severely UNCOMFORTABLE!

Oh brother.. I am going Apes, Bananas!!

Why can’t she roll over and sleep next to her DADDY!? It was HE WHO LET THE LITTLE DARLING INTO OUR BED! Why ME, Why ME!? Why am I the only one being pressed down on, kicked, slapped, elbowed, kneed, sweated, and slobbered on!!!!??

She is Child by day, Ninja Warrior by night!

image found on yahooimages

image found on

HELP! I can’t even breath at this point!

*imagine found at

*imagine found at

And She has the nerve to wake up looking like this!

“Good Morning Momma!”

I am all like, “Good morning Kenna!”

My body feels like I just fought off a bull in my sleep all night!

Dodge this leg, dodge that elbow

Dodge this leg, dodge that elbow

Spanish bull fighter Jose Tomas

Spanish bull fighter Jose Tomas

NEVER AGAIN! NEVER!!!!! My back hurts, my arms hurt, my neck is stiff, I am sore all over!

So thank you DADDY and thank you POPPA for letting her watch that Scary Movie. I think if she comes back again, I am moving to the couch!

🙂 The countless joys of Motherhood!

Here is an actually picture of proof just how crazy our night was last night!!!



Leigh Leigh


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A Mom Who Wants To Be More

If I could bottle up the wisdom that comes with being a little innocent child I would! To be an adult and look at life through the lenses of my daughter at her ripe age of 4, I could learn so much!

She sees the world in ways my jaded heart just can’t perceive. It’s her blank canvas. She is the paint brush as she grabs a hold of everything vibrant, bold, and colorful to leave her mark in this world!


She inspires me each day to just be the creature God created me to be. Unique and one of a kind!

I think I read a quote some where a long time ago that said, “Be an original, not a copy.” I think that’s what God intended us to be. Our own unique one of a kind being that he created that way on purpose. It is so the world can see his glory and his imagination, his creativity.

I love the way she dresses herself! She hardly ever matches.

I love the way she has no care in the world that half her pony tail has been unraveled and hanging from one side of her head for the whole entire day.

I love how she can wear a jacket, shorts, and rain boots when it’s 86 degrees outside with no clouds in sight!

I love how she can tell me what’s on her mind uncensored but sincere.

She is always smiling and always being silly. Nothing she does ever surprises me!

Just today she came running over to the neighbors to show us her face which was completely covered in burgundy lipstick! “Oh Kenna,” I said, “we have got to wash that off before it breaks your face out into a rash!!”

I giggle with fascination that she has both me and her Daddy’s best characteristics (looks and personalities) but she is also just her own self, Kenna!

God please let me live with a heart and a mind like hers. Help me to accept and love myself and be the person you created me to be. Let me truly know and believe that my worth and security comes from no where, no place, and no one person’s opinions of me, but just you!

The world is a cruel, harsh, non-accepting place, but only we can imprison ourselves to be held captive in that brash reality.

Here is to holding onto that freedom we receive in Christ to just be who we are and want to be!

I think being a Mother is a beautiful gift. We have so much responsibility and freedom to raise our children how we see fit. The more I mature and grow in wisdom the more I start to see the purpose of Motherhood. Yes we absolutely have to nurture and provided the needs of our children. They need to be healthy and loved, but I want to be more then just a mom who provides a yummy home cooked meal on the table each night, a mom who washes their clothes, cleans up after their messes, taxies them to and from, cheers them on, bandages and doctors their boo boos, helps mend broken hearts from unforgiving statements made by so called friends.


I want most of all to leave the impression on them that they are loved, not only by their Mommy and Daddy but by Christ. I want them to love themselves and be confident in who God created them to be. I want them to believe in themselves, their abilities and God given talents and gifts. I want to do this by believing in these truths for myself, loving myself and growing in my relationship with Christ so that his love and truths would flow through me and onto them, living and leading by example.

Your children will learn about your insecurities by the way you talk about yourself In front of them. They will start to believe that because they are your child they automatically will inherit these flaws as well.

I want to tell my daughter that she is perfect in my eyes. She has the best style and the sweetest words on the hardest mommy moment days.

Stay innocent and precious and strong headed. Don’t let the lies of this world tell you aren’t good enough, smart enough, fashionable enough, skinny enough, tall enough, creative enough, strong enough, etc..

You are the perfection of His Creation.

Found on

Found on



Leigh Leigh

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My Kids are Driving ME CRAZY

Ever have one of these days where you are asking yourself this very question?



Well I have some GOOD NEWS for YOU!




You can spot children out quickly because like everything you tell them to do, they will completely ignore! (This goes especially for my 4 year olds!)



And we don’t want to leave out the TEENAGERS and all their 5,487….(mood swing’s)



OR the Whining..




and the Tattle tailing every 5 minuets!!!


Dinner time will never be the same…



I mean seriously, I have yet to understand how a four year old can live off of lunch meat every meal….LUNCH MEAT!???????




Mommy TIME OUTS are regular part of your day and you better bet your bottom dollar you will enforce this rule..



But no matter how stressful and tired and run down they may have you feeling today, you can always guarantee some good ol’ love and hugs are in order!






And this is why we wouldn’t change a thing about motherhood!! 🙂

a mothers love sentiment


Motherhood is AWESOME!!!    🙂

drive me crazy

I hope this brought a smile to your face!


Leigh Leigh

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BACON …dog (recipe your children will love)

Being very short on time these days with various sports activities keeping us out of the home all but one day during the week, meals have become quiet monotonous to say the least! Today I got a wild hair and decided to put a spin on the children’s beloved Hot Dog! Since dear Son was my taste tester I let him name it!

Let me introduce you to the

…………………………………………………BACON DOG!

Things you will need:

1 Package of your favorite hot dog weenies

1 Package of your favorite bacon

1 Package of your favorite shredded cheese

16 tooth picks

1 deep baking pan

Prep time: 7

Bake time: 20-25 minutes

Oven Temperature: 350

photo 1 (27)

Using your knife cut a slit through weenie from top to bottom.

photo 2 (24)

Next, take your shredded cheese and begin to stuff the inside of the weenies with your cheese.

photo 3 (16)

Using both hands poke the bacon with your toothpick at the top of the weenie. Wrap the bacon all the way down the weenie and secure the bacon with another toothpick. I was able to use two toothpicks per weenie.

photo 4 (10)

photo 1 (29)

Now it is time to put these little bacon doggies in the oven. Remember to use a deep baking dish as the bacon grease will be oozing off the bacon as it bakes. I baked mine at 350 for about 23 minuets.

photo 2 (26)

Ta Da! PERFECTION! The Bacon Dog is ready to be dressed up on the hot dog bun!

photo 4 (11)

photo 3 (17)

Now it is time to serve! My son likes his Bacon Dog with Ketchup and extra cheese! I did have chili to put on top, but we didn’t use it tonight!

Top your Bacon Dog to your likening! (mustard, pickle relish, chili, ketchup, extra cheese, onions)

photo 1 (28)

YUMMMMMMMY! Oink Oink, Wuuf Wuuf!

photo 2 (25)

Jett gives it a big Thumbs UP and your kids will TOO!!


Oink and Wuuf!

Leigh Leigh

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Back to School CHAOS

Confession Alert! I am a CONTROL FREAK! Ugh, and I absolutely HATE being a “Control Freak!”

My summer time routine is about to come crashing down under a title wave of BACK TO SCHOOL CHAOS! This wave will include two Sons participating in football, one daughter cheering and playing volleyball (fingers crossed), me going back to work, and husband taking on more hours at the office due to a project at work. (Calculate the math and you will soon realize this puts me on side line cheering pretty much every night of the week!) This wave will most definitely crush my awesome summer work out routine as well! BUMMER!! You see we have five children ranging from 15 to a 4 years old. I will be trading in my gym time for football time!

When life shifts, my mind tends to shift as well but not the way it should, actually the opposite. I begin to feel this insane amount of pressure to CONTROL every change that is coming my way, or soften the blow for anything hard coming to mix things up. Yes, I try to makes my chaos controlled, if there was really such a thing possible!

It starts with my obsession over my calendar, marking and highlighting every school holiday, every practice, every game. Not all of the sports schedules are out yet causing more anxiety to the obsession! ha

But I got this!? Why you ask, because silly I am SUPERMOM! (Just kidding, Just kidding!)


Actually I got this the same way you got this! The way I see it, we are all in the crazy rat race together.

A new school year brings chaos to all families! So I actually can breath in and breath out, knowing that I am not alone in my Crazy Chaos. This, just like every other busy season in my life will soon pass, and I will be looking ahead to new chaos and wondering the same thing I am wondering now,” HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS ALL AND REMAIN STABLE!?”

Let’s start with finding a healthy balance. Priorities are important when trying to achieve this balance. This balance will also however require more self control and discipline.

Instead of focusing on what I think I am going to be losing in the chaos, I need to remember what all I am actually gaining. Memories with my children who will be grown in a blink of an eye. This year is important for my seven year old! Oh my gosh, his first year ever to play football! And to think, I could be raising the next Tim Tebow! The last year with little Kenna at home with Mommy before she starts the BIG World of Public SCHOOL, tear! My step daughter cheering for the very first time! Something that was just a dream what seems like was just a month ago when she was so small, now her reality. My step son, duking it out on the field in hopes to be able to say he plays Varsity as a Sophomore!

Highlights and heartbreaks, achievements and failures, joy and pain!

These are the years that make our children grow and become stronger little people. I don’t know what this Crazy Chaos of a new year will unravel but I know that through much prayer, mercy, and grace, we will get through it and come out better because of it!

I need to stop living life so afraid and so worried I am going to screw something up!!


Embrace Chaos, the unknown! It changes us, rearranges, and does exactly what the good Lord wills for us all!



Leigh Leigh


Transitioning into summer break with the littles

Tomorrow signifies my first day back at my old J O B. Yes, my teaching duties are over until August and I am back to being a full time stay at home Momma! It always seems like a tense transition. This transition will be more difficult then the past because I had the privilege of having my husband home for the past six weeks!

We are foster parents and his job allows him up to six weeks fmla to help when we have a new child in our home. It was a HUGE blessing to us ALL! I can’t brag enough on him for what all he did for our family. I was working three days a week but was involved with things that kept me out of the house for technically four days out of the five. He cooked, baked, folded clothes, washed the dishes, straightened the house, took kids to the all the intake appointments, completed honey dos, and even grocery shopped! Seriously, he was a ROCK STAR and tonight I am sad because I am going to miss him being here helping me out so much!












This week I will concentrate on getting the house cleaned, laundry caught up, a meal plan made, groceries bought, all while juggling a doctors appointment for my daughter and involvement in the activities the last week of school brings! I am excited that I do at least have a few more days to accomplish most of this while my older children are still in school.

I am promising myself that I will not stress on the mess summer brings with the littles home. This will be a peaceful transition as I find my SAHM groove back. This summer I don’t want to concentrate on completing all the lists of things that need to be completed upon the Pinterest SAHM standards, no I want this to be a summer that my kids remember how much fun there Momma was. We will play, we will swim, we will bake, we will go out for play dates, we will makes messes, we will be lazy on some days, we will have fun, all while I am teaching them still to become responsible clean young people.

Saying goodbye to the pressures of being the PERFECT stay at home mom makes you beautiful and free to get what your family needs accomplished first. These needs will change with the seasons of your life. My babies are not going to be little forever and I acknowledge this sad, sad truth.

How are you feeling with summer break days away? How will you transition into having the babies home for summer?


-Leigh Leigh

Overwhelmed Much?



I have exactly one week until I turn 29 years old. This number has been a cruel reminder that I have one more year left of my 20s. Why does this freak me out so much? I mean its only 29! Shouldn’t I be going through these motions as a 29 year old fixing to turn 30? Oh well, guess I am a crazy person!?

“Do I suffer from Attention Deficient Disorder or am I just discontent?” I asked my husband late last night while we were talking about hobbies and things we enjoy doing. For giggles, I like to make fun of myselfso I started to go through the list out loud of all the crazy things I have done over the past few years. The joke really was on me when I started actually counting up my silly escapades of things we call “Hobby’s, talents, time fillers.” I laughed it off and dropped it.

The short car ride each morning to take my son to school has become my self reflection outlet. I love to get in the car and drive off into the beautiful sun rise knowing this is the start of a new day. The bright Sunshine brings warmth to my face as I sit at the four way stop waiting on my turn to take a left. I am almost home and whatever I do that day will not begin until the ignition is turned off and I make my way back into my favorite place I call home.

This mornings car ride sparked questions; what is it? Am I discontent Lord, or do I just have a super bad attention problem? I keep searching for that one thing that sets me apart that I love doing. Did you really create us to be good at one thing? I mean there are singers who sing, athletes who play professional sports, artists who paint, teachers who teach, dancers who dance, authors who write best sellers. Why can’t I just find that one thing I find joy in and confidence in?

I have to figure things out, when I can’t it drives me insane. So I did the only thing I know to do when I just can’t seem to put my finger on it I journal. I love how God knows what we are going to ask and when we are going to ask it. My journal time usually becomes a super divine conversation with my maker.

photo 2 (7) journals

I titled todays entry ADD OR DISCONTENTMENT and then I made a list of everything new I have tried in the last four to five years. I will just stop and say, I am a little embarrassed to share this with you because you will really think I am a CRAZY if you don’t already! 😉 Each item listed was going to be “MY THING,” you know that one thing you do all the time because you love it and you are good at it! I have only stuck with two of them which are in italics. I do however hope that the blogging becomes permanent!

  • Working out
  • Hair bows
  • Handmade get well cards/birthday box
  • Crochet (self taught by YouTube videos)
  • Journaling
  • Blogging
  • Mums
  • Hand made jewelry
  • Organizer binds for house chores
  • Flower Garden
  • Fondant cake making




photo 3 (4)


photo 2 (6)


photo 1 (6)


I then brainstormed what I loved to do when I was younger. I use to love making collages out of magazine clippings. I would love to redecorate and rearrange my room over and over and over again. I was beginning to make a connection. My 20s looks a lot like a collage of things I would have made when I was a teenager. I had collaged and collected all my interests and all I had left was a big mess of everything running together to create a blob of massive proportions: dollars lost, over flowing bags of ribbon, cardstock, glue sticks, and yarn taking over a closet in my house!

It wasn’t until ran out of lines to see the scripture that was printed on my journal page at the bottom.

The journal I am currently using was a Mother’s Day gift from my Husband and children a year ago. I LOVE this journal because on every other page there is a scripture posted at the bottom.  It is no surprise to me that the answer I was looking for would be starring right at me on todays blank sheet!

“Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

Colossians 3:17

OH MY WORD!!!!” Whatever you do,” it didn’t say the “ONE thing you do.” I was instantly hooked and reeled in on the word “whatever.” I knew if I dug a little deeper in scripture I would find what I was searching for. I proceeded to grab for my LIFE Handbook, my Bible, and I read over Colossians and 1 Timothy 6.

I kept staring at my list, there were so many things on this list in such a short amount of time in my life. Why so many? I then remembered how creative our Creator is. I mean stop and think about the variety we have on this planet; people, food, animals, plants, the colors each night of the sky as the sun is setting. He has created so many things and they all bring glory back to himself. I began to ponder if God has so much variety with us here on planet earth what is really the matter with having so many things on this paper? Maybe he doesn’t want us to limit ourselves to just one thing!? I closed my journal and read some more. 1 Timothy 6:6 says that” Godliness with contentment is great gain.” I knew I had let my imagination run off course and I was brought back with this truth.

I should not be too concerned about what makes me happy or wasting time comparing myself to other women’s talents, hobbies, gifts.

 I should be more concerned about how the desires, talents , and gifts God has given to me bring benefits to others not myself.

After all, My life really isn’t my own.

When you put verses 23 and 24 together in Colossians 3 you will realize that it all comes back to being a servant of Christ.

23″ Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

If your suffer from crazy ADD or DS (discontentment disorder), such as myself, make a list of all your crazy endeavors and then examine the motives behind each one and label that motive beside the item. Do they benefit just you, just others, or both? My motive list included attention, pride, and ways to make money. (Ouch) These things I can mark off. I can come back to them later in life when my motives are no longer one of the three previously stated. 😉 What brings joy or encouragement to others? Those things, you should keep!

This morning I found contentment in this truth; I am a servant of the Lord, and “whatever” I choose to do with my free time be it a hobby or just for fun, I should focus on my motives behind it, and if it doesn’t give thanks to the Lord and it doesn’t benefit others, I am wasting my time, energy, and focus on it. I need to drop it and let it go. This gives me freedom from being OVERWHELMED!!!!

Being mindful to be a blessing to others will bless you as well.

I have a new outlook on my hobby list and my condition. I do not suffer from ADD, but I do suffer from discontentment because nothing Godly was gained in my pathetic attempts to chase after things that did not bring any satisfaction to anyone else but myself.

I feel confident that I can now bring my focus back on to others while I am enjoying things that I love to do! Contentment is a BEAUTIFUL thing!

Be Beautiful-

Leigh Leigh



Toddler Busy Bag Fun

Toddler busy bag

 This morning was our last MOPS meeting until the fall. 😦 MOPS for those who are just now hearing this name for the first time stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. If you are a stay at home Mom, I urge you to look up MOPS groups in your area. It is a wonderful program for Mothers of preschoolers to engage with other moms and form new friendships and bonds with other Moms. Our MOPS group meets the first Monday of the month starting in September and ending in May. Our MOPS group offers a monthly meeting, a scheduled play date, somewhere fun, a moms night out, as well as a bible study each month. I joined MOPS a few years ago and met my best friends that I still have today. This group is perfect for new Mommies in town. During the monthly meetings MOPS offers MOPPETS for your preschool aged child 6 weeks-5 years of age. So while you are enjoying yummy food, crafting, fellowship, and awesome speakers who are speaking on Mother hood topics, your little(s) are busy making crafts, playing, and being loved on. Sister, you can breath and enjoy some time with out your little(s). Our MOPS monthly meetings are two hours long.

With the summer crazies quickly approaching, Our MOPS craft leader decided we needed to end with a little something to help keep boredom at bay, the TODDLER BUSY BAG! I wanted to share what I was busy making this morning. The ideas that you can come up with are unlimited. If you are a pinner then you will be able to just search toddler busy bag and I am sure a million examples will pop up.

The materials we used today were:

  • foam paper
  • felt paper
  • scissors
  • sharpie markers
  • pipe cleaners
  • colored beads
  • stick-on Velcro
  • glue gun with glue sticks

Here are some pictures of how mine turned out. I made two shape matching games and a color bead sort.

shapesmatchgame                                                                  shapesmatchgame2





I brought these home to my two 4 year old daughters and they LOVED them.

Please feel free to share with all your Mommy friends. 🙂

xOxO & God Bless

Leigh Leigh