It’s time I did a little character introduction to my story! 

Oso our Xoloitzcuintli pup
Trey AKA my Hott husband the Middle Child. He has an older sister and a younger brother.
Trey is man of character and strength. He is a leader not a follower. He is a hard worker and does an amazing job providing for our family. He shows love by providing for his children and spending time with them, supporting them, and showing up to all the things they do. He shows me love through words, acts of service, gifts, and touch. He is hilarious! He is warm and caring. Trey is also a Giver! He gives at the drop of the hat when needed. He goes out of his way to make sure you know your loved but he is sneaky about how he does this. He is strong, he is stable, and he always seems to do the right thing even when it’s hard. Trey will sacrifice to do what is right for his family even when he feels his inner man is being attacked. He is a lover and not a fighter. He chooses to see the best in people but isn’t afraid to call them out when they are being stupid. He LOVES Jesus, fast cars, motorcycles, BBQ, and an ice cold Dr. Pepper. He loves his family and his friends. As a middle child he tends to crave attention and be the life of the party, and maybe even a little too competitive at times! Trey is a wonderful man! He is my lover, my best friend, and my partner in crime! I love him, and I’m so thankful he is my Husband!
Ash aka Mom and the creator of this Blog!
Let me try and describe myself! I am hard headed! My birth order is the oldest Child out of 5 sisters! I am currently 36 years old! I love my family and I am passionate about many creative outlets. I am quiet, kind, and compassionate. I love people maybe even to a fault and seem to see the good in others. I am a forgiver, and a peace maker! It takes me a while to lose my cool, but like everyone else, I have a breaking point. I have no clue how my children view me but I hope that above all they know I love them and only want the best for them in life! My husband would say I am the worlds greatest wife and that I tend to do what is right 99.9 % of the time. He would also tell you I’m pretty hilarious on some days! I am hard to get to know, but once I let you in he says I am a M&M! Hard shell- sweet in the middle! I am passionate about my pursuit of giving God glory in this life. I love to write, draw, craft and cook! 66% Introvert! I have been a step mom/mom for 16 years, I have also been a foster mom as well for 7 of the past years. I am a Stay at home Mom, and I have 1 bff- Kathleen. I love being married to Trey! I love sharing this life with him and our 4 children! 

For the sake of Privacy of my children I am not naming them, but giving them #s to identify them by!

Meet 29!
29 is 15 years old. A lot like 21, he is a life of the party but with limits! He is very much like his momma in the aspects of respecting rules and boundaries! 😀 29 is shy but hilarious. He shows his true colors to his friends and family but he keeps it cool when others he doesn’t know well are around. I know it gets old to hear but he really does take after me the most. He is not a risk taker, loves to be in control, and super lovable! He has a big heart! He loves, loves little babies! He also loves playing Basketball and aspires to be in the NBA one day, or an airplane pilot. I imagine he will give me the most grandchildren. He is trying to do life in High School, ever evolving so his character is still in the works. He loves basketball, sour candy, and gaming on his PC. He is affectionate and kind, and he makes me proud to be his Momma!
Meet 24!
She is 12! This girl truly marches to the beat of her own drum! She is everything I want to be when I grow up in the sense that she loves being herself, she loves playing by her own rules, and she loves her own created fashionista style! I really wish I could see the world through her eyes for one day. She is the baby so you got to watch her! She will cheat you any day in a game your challenge her to! She wears her emotions on her sleeve like her Auntie. She will write you off in anger, but quickly apologize and invites you back in to her world shortly after! Yes, that’s right because after all, we are all just living in her world! She is spunky, messy, creative, happy, and hilarious! She, like number 08, challenges me as a Mother, but I don’t care! I learn a lot from her! She is a joy to raise and like 29, she is still being molded into her God given identity! She makes me proud to be her Momma. ❤️
Meet 08
Number 8 was my first daughter love! I meet her when she was 2 and oh boy all the fun things we did together. She challenged me in many ways to get this Mom thing down. This girl loved to pose when she was little, and have her picture taken! Shew as always after the fame and lights, as she acquired the nick name Hollywood in Preschool. Everything about her was extravagant from the big glasses to the colorful clothes. She wanted to be the next American Idol and she probably really could, as she did and probably still does have a beautiful voice. A lot like me, she is a lover of the outcast. She loves all things animal related and has a big heart to love the spiders and reptiles most people don’t. She is awesome at whatever she sets her mind too! She loves to train dogs, and is a hard worker. She may be the most hard headed but this only makes her a better person in the long run. If she sets her mind to something she seems to succeed. We are very proud of her. I hope she knows she is loved deeply by us all. She recently graduated High School and is starting her adult life in the great big world all on her own.
Meet 21
21 is the oldest of the group and I personally meet him when he was 5 years old! It was around Halloween and him and his sister where in the back of their dads car SS Camaro. I have so many fun childhood memories of you! Pokemon, Animal Planet, Nintendo DS games, your love of bowing and hunting, just to name a few! Watching you play all the sports and transforming into the kind your man you are today! You are all grown up now! 21 is loud, colorful, vibrant, fun to be around and always up to something secretive! He is a man of many words, attracts people with his charm and fun personality. He loves people and life! He has a soft place in his heart for all the doggies who need a home. He is a GREAT big brother, and currently trying to find his place in this world. He is loved by his Dad and myself along with his siblings! Everyone loves 21 and can’t wait for him to come visit us! He always has a wild story to tell! 

Our family began in August 2005. I become a step mom! We later gained two more children in the mix! 21 and 08 are graduated and currently living own their own. 

Sibling love!