When You Can’t Find What You Are Searching For

Do you ever feel a little lost in this world like me? I wish I could tell you that I have mastered the arts of all things pertaining to life in my short 35 years of existence on this planet, but sadly I can not. Don’t lose me, don’t click the back button yet.  I promise this is not a pessimistic blog post. I would like to think of it more as thought provoking, and a call to action! You see as much time as I spend searching the inter webs for insight, ideas, help, and entertainment, I ended up being stumped today as I could for the first time not find what it was I was searching for.

Of course, this got me thinking!

What if… sometimes we can’t emulate from someone else’s story line because we were not designed to? I mean yes we all know we are individuals created so intricately that we have our own finger prints, but if you stop and watch the patterns of this world, everything pertaining to life and life style’s are based on trends and relevance to the times by people we call influencers.


If you stop and think about how absolutely lame and boring that is to conform to the patterns of the present time are you actually becoming the person you were created to be, or a counterfeit of another someone in society? But, not only lame but also exhuasting and not really obtainable in our natural raw authientic state.

My point is, why do we search and think that what we are searching for exist when maybe we are suppose to create a life style no one else is currently living? What is our Why for our every day purpose of getting up and moving forward? I think if we can slow down and actually think for ourselves what out why is then we can create in our own dynamical way a lifestyle that is tailored for the way we were designed to be. What drives us, and what will be the rich ingredients to this self made original recipe that will sustain us and bring us happiness and purpose for our every day life? I think we tend to gravitate towards common interests because it makes us feel like we belong to something bigger then ourselves. Also, we don’t like to be alone. But how many times have we personally not been true to ourselves because deep down inside we aren’t truly what we become by default. I am not suggesting that we can’t have commonalities and simularities, but to not completely become all of what someone else has become for themselves. We can have commonalities but don’t be a complete copy of another, which creates sterotypes of people.

Don’t be a sterotype.

I don’t know about you but when I want to change, I dive into whatever this change is going to bring about. For example, diet. Say I want to become a vegetarian, so I do all the research, watch all the films, read all the books and blogs, and now I have laid a foundation for this new eating life style with knowledge and a game plan to roll it out. Every time I have searched for some one else’s way of doing life, every time, un doubtfully it has brought me to this place I am sitting her today. I am still in square one, reaching, searching, looking for a mold I can fit into. BUT WHY? Why can’t I create my own mold?

What if God created you and me to have our own molds, our own way of designing a life that ultimately glorifies Him? And, what if he did this because he knew this one mold we get to create with him for ourselves would bring about the most sincere self-confidence, self-value, and happiness? Our love for him of course being the anchored fondation to this formation.

I feel like before I can move on with this new way of thinking for myself, I need to get on my knees and I need to seek the Lord in prayer. I need to ask him to reveal to me what changes I can make that will sustain consistency and bring him glory. I need to look into every aspect of my every day routine. I need to consider where all my time and energy is going and what the return is on my investment.  I need to stop comparing my life to others, I need to stop focusing on the flaws when I don’t measure up to what I perceive as their success and my failures.

COVID Season has been a season to let go of idols, pause, and reset.

I have to go back to work in two weeks. Maybe this truth is the motivating factor of the new rush I am feeling to master manipulate a grand plan to create a routine that will help my family and myself slowly transition back into a normal life. After all, don’t we all want to live a life that maters? Don’t we all want to make every day count for something? Our time here is short, but eternity is forever. I would rather spend my energy and focus expanding the Kingdom down here on Earth, and leaving love behind, then waisting it all away on what is trending, and relevant to the times. Letting go of what society and this world gleams as awesome, wonderful, healthy, sexy, acceptable, and laying seeds into some deep God breathing soil that will grow a happy, and healthy family, Woman, Wife, Mom, Friend, and Co-Worker. Now, that sounds so much more realistic and EXCITING!

That’s God’s grace… to love us enough not to leave us lost! 😉 Grace to change, and grace to grow. I love this thing we call life!  I love my life absorbing grace!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic? Do you truly live a life that reflects who you are–who God created you to be, who you want to become, or are you happy living life pertaining to what everyone says is the right and favorable way to live? Do you emulate the life of others, or would you say you have created your own personal mold to fill? Drop your thoughts below!


Be Blessed-Ash’Leigh Harris

What Mothers Secretly want for Mother’s Day!

Leigh Leigh asked and Mom’s responded! It is almost that time of year where we get to spoil and lavish our Mothers with gifts of love and appreciation for being the WORLD’s GREATEST! So what does she really secretly wish you got her for Mother’s Day?


She wants to hear how much you love and appreciate her!


She wishes that you would complete her Chore list, or at least give her the day off!


She wants to be pampered! Whether it be a gift certificate or card to her favorite Day Spa, or a home-made gift basket full of foot scrubs, facial scrubs, her favorite shower gel, body lotion, and or body spray.


She loves the boogies and snot out of her little darlings, but most Mothers are so tired, especially if they are Mother’s of Preschool aged children. She would love some TIME ALONE! To do what? WHAT EVER SHE WANTS! She could go shopping, take a relaxing bubble bath, read a book, take a friend to lunch, book a hot date with her husband, the sky is the limit!


If you no longer live at home, she wants to see you!


So here you have it, the TOP SECRET Mother’s Day Gift LIST!

What’s on my wish list?

Lot’s of hugs and kisses and a delicious meal I don’t have to prepare with my whole crew!


Leigh Leigh

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Are you competing in a Holiday Spirit Dress Up competition? Got invited to a Holiday Cheer Dress up party and need that over the top attention grabber?

LOOK NO FARTHER!!!! I have the sure to please Holiday FRO for your awesome Holiday/ Christmas  Get Up!! The idea came to me in the middle of the Holiday Décor Isle at the Dollar Store. I was competing for the GRAND PRIZE for our Holiday Spirit Week at work and I knew I had to come up with something that was really crazy cool! I am the Queen of Corny! Well let me inform you, I work at a Preschool so Corny is COOL with the Littles! The children LOVED my Christmas Tree Fro and the adults got a good GIGGLE out of it as well! It was a WIN-WIN!

My costume was actually called “A Present Under the Tree.”

I picked up 2 poster boards from WAL-MART and wrapped them with Christmas wrapping paper. I then stapled straps out of ribbon, and pasted a BIG RED BOW on the center of the now “present.” The present covered my chest and mid torso along with my back.



*I have long hair. I am not sure if this will work for short hair. (sorry)



MAJORITY of these items can be picked up at your local Dollar Store!

Toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll cut in half)

Tissue paper (mine is recycled from a birthday present)

Hair tie (I only used one but you may need two)

Hair clips

Lights Necklace (WALMART Find $3 and they have 3 different light settings!!!)

Garland (You can get creative with your color choice.)

Mini Ornaments (Dollar Store $1 for a package of 20.)

Clip On Ornaments (WALMART $2.)

Christmas tree topper (I actually went cheap and made mine with a yellow folder, tape, and foil!)



PREP YOUR HAIR …. The day before I sported my BEACH WAVES Look for our WILD CAMO Spirit Day. You can find this tutorial HERE! When I distress my hair it makes it thicker. I have thin hair so I am not sure freshly clean, blow dried hair will hold as well on the top.

#1 Shape the tissue paper around the bottom of the toilet paper roll to form a shape that looks like a pawn in the board game SORRY. Place this creation on the top of your head, leaving plenty of hair in the front to cover up the base.

#2 Flip your head upside down holding your base with one hand and gathering all our hair around the base with the other hand. Secure hair with the hair tie. It doesn’t have to be painfully tight, just make sure it is secure. I stuffed the remaining hair inside the toilet paper roll.  (I didn’t use any hair spray.)

You should now look like a Character out of WHOVILLE! 🙂 HOLLAR

#3 Start at the base of your hair and begin to wrap the garland up your hair. I secured the beginning of the strand with the mini butterfly clip. Keep wrapping until your head is covered in the garland.

Now in the photo above you see my ornaments already attached to the garland. This is because I decided to turn this into a blog post while I was taking down the FRO! You can attach the ornaments first using crafting wire, but I recommend attaching them after your hair is wrapped with the garland. This allows you to place them exactly where you want them on your fro tree!

#4 ADD the mini ornaments using craft wire serving as ornament hooks, and strand your lights necklace. Make sure you turn the lights on first!! ADD tinsel if you desire!

#5 ADD on the heavier clip on ornaments if you wish. Don’t forget your Tree Topper! I secured my yellow star with a clip shown in the clips photo above by attaching the star onto the toilet paper roll.

christmas tree fro11

I completed my look with these flashy eye catching Christmas tree light bulb earrings…found at WALMART for $3!

photo 2 (31)

I wore this for 6 hours and didn’t experience a headache until I started to take it down. It only took me about 10 minuets from start to finish however I did practice the night before! Oh and guess what!!? I TOOK HOME FIRST PLACE!! 🙂


I would LOVE to see your CHRISTMAS TREE FRO you create! Please share with me on FACEBOOK or TWITTER!




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Quick Beach Wavy Hair Straight from the Bottle

Summer Friday’s have this Busy Momma on the Go, Go, Go! This happens to create some serious #hairstruggles post morning work out. As you can imagine after a hour of Zumba followed by another 30 minuets of a shoulder lifting my hair is a sweaty drenched mess.

A shower is a MUST!

Being that my Friday’s have been crazy busy these past couple of weeks, running madly outside of my home on various errands, leaves me a very small window of time to grab a quick shower. Yes, the wet hair slicked back in a pony or bun can come in handy, but I have found a super easy way to create Beach Wave locks, in minuets!! (quick shower included)

straight hair

I have to share this picture with you so you can see just how STRAIGHT my hair is. I have very fine hair and volume just does not come natural for me, even with color on my hair! Go, Figure!

This would probably be a good time to post a picture of my sweaty post work out hair, but I will spare you for today! 😉

Here is my hair after a quick shower. Check that volume out! You would have never guessed that I was a sweaty mess just 30 minuets prior to this photo!



Get the Look

Now here comes my favorite drug store find of the season………………….Walgreens!



I have tried several sea salt sprays to get this look with much disappointment.

I LOVE this spray!

Wash your hair , towel dry, then comb out any tangles.

Pick out something fabulous to wear and get dressed.

Go ahead and apply your favorite bronzer, blush, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, and lip gloss. (If you desire!)

Shake your TXT IT spray and spray all over your tresses. Starting from the bottom of your hair, start scrunching your locks from the bottom to the roots. (As much hair as you can hold in your hand.) Squeeze a handful of hair and release.  Repeat until all of your hair has been hand scrunched.

*Feel free to spray in more spray and scrunch some more until desired look is reached.

Now to my favorite part:

Let it air dry and Go!

You will notice that the bottle says “All day (un)dressed Look. If you are going for something more put together, then I suggest skipping the spray, blow dry out, and roll with wand.

Remember we are in a hurry and on the go, that’s why we are opting for the messy beach waves look!

L’Oreal Paris did not give or ask me to review this product. This review is strictly of my own personal opinion.

How do you achieve quick beach waves? I would love to learn other ways as well! Comment below please!


-Leigh Leigh

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Spa Pedicure Benefits

“Good things come to those who wait.” – unknown

 I am a little embarrassed to admit that I am 29 year old female, who has never taken the time to pamper my self with a spa pedicure. My sweet friend, Tiffany, about had a mini heart attack when I revealed this confession to her a few weeks ago. So, this afternoon she treated me to my very first ever spa pedicure!

I am so very grateful that she did because it was AhhhhhhhhMazing!

Spa Pedicures definitely warrant a…

thumbs up

Did you know that not only do spa pedicures feel amazing, and leave your nails looking gorgeous and polished, they are actually beneficial to your health?

I couldn’t help myself when I wondered what the healthy benefits could be, so of course, I looked them up, and now I am going to educate you! 😉

Benefits of Spa Pedicures

  • Helps prevent infections and diseases in the nails

  • Provides a relaxing way to de-stress.

  • Decreases foot and lower leg pain.

  • Reduces the amount of odor your feet exude.

  • Helps prevent bunions and corns caused by dead skin.

  • Leaves you with soft, healthy, beautiful feet.

*Info found on spa.answers.com


My spa pedicure left my feet feeling silky soft and smooth. My toe nails are now perfectly trimmed and squared away. The polish is precise, not slapped on because I am in a hurry to get out the door. I Guess it was a good thing I decided to balance my check book today because it totally de-stressed me, and I left feeling lighter on my feet!

Check out my feet from my picture above, they are practically GLOWING! 🙂

If you have been holding out for a spa pedicure, let me encourage you to go get one!

You will not regret it!

Do you fit in the “never had one” category, or do you get them habitually? I would love to hear from you so please comment below!


-Leigh Leigh

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Work out hair accessory MUST have

photo (9)

When you walk into the gym, it is no surprise that headbands are super popular amongst the female population. They come in all widths, shapes, sizes, and colors.

In my failed attempts to find the perfect headband, that actually stays in place, I now own a large collection of headbands I have absolutely no use for because they just don’t fit my head right. Why, because I was blessed with a small head and very fine hair. This creates chaos while I am working out because the band will not stay put without sliding off or onto my neck and here comes all the hair right in my face, choking me or blinding me while I run. NOT COOL! I believe I am not the only lady with this problem because lately I have been seeing other women with headbands on using bobby pins or hair clips to secure their band in place.

I wish I could take credit for this awesome headband find, but I can not! These headbands were actually a secret sister gift that I received a few weeks ago! If I have sparked your interest enough, you are probably trying to figure out what brand makes these awesome babies and what they are called. They are the Goody SLIDE-PROOF secure fit headbands. They come in a pack of six. My bands came in purple, blue, yellow, red, black, and orange. These bands are awesome because they have a thin line of rubber underneath the band that clings on to your head without pulling your hair.

photo 2 (8)

Like I previously stated earlier, I have had these bands for almost a month now and I have worn them over and over to zumba class, the gym, on my runs, and even around the town running errands. They are still fitting my head snug and haven’t worn lose.

You can use one or double up with two or three for style! Perfect for the up do, low ponytail, or leave it in with your hair down!

photo (3)

I LOVE these and I thought maybe there is someone out there who shares the same headband struggles! 😉


-Leigh Leigh

* I was not paid to give a review for Goody headbands, this is strictly just for fun.

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AWESOME Father’s Day Gift Guide for EVERY TYPE OF DAD


June 15, 2014 is just around the corner and it is that time to scramble and find Dad the Perfect Gift!
I thought it would be fun to put a little twist on my Father’s Day gift guide by using the 5 Love Languages to help us find something meaningful this year for the Special Dad’s in our lives!
For those who are not familiar with the 5 Love Languages, they come from a book called The 5 Love Languages. The book explains how we all tend to receive and give love in different languages. They are physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and receiving gifts.

Physical Touch Dad

From the Children:

  • Gift certificate for a full body, or half body massage by your favorite professional Massage Therapist.
  • Homemade gift certificate for a good old foot scratching or rub.
  • A jar of hugs. Decorate a cute mason jar and insert strips of paper that say “free daddy bear hug” from your baby bear cub(s).
  • Homemade gift basket made up of manly smelling shower gel, and a new luffa or back scrubber. Say something like We wanted to “Shower” You with love and hugs on Father’s Day! Make sure the kids attack Dad with lots of hugs after he reads his card!

From the Mother:

  • Homemade massage gift basket containing essential oils, candles, and a soft soothing music or thunderstorm sound track.
  • Be more mindful to Dad’s needs on his special day by holding his hand, sitting a little closer to him on the couch, extra hugs and kisses for your MAN today!

Words of affirmation Dad

From the Children

  • Get out the construction paper, card stock, poster board, markers, crayons, pens, etc.. Create a beautiful hand made Father’s Day card and or banner and let Daddy know how much he means to you and how much he is loved!
  • Pick out a sweet Father’s Day card from your favorite store.
  • Sticky Notes- Post Sticky Notes all over the house with words of love for Daddy.
  • Make up a cute song and sing it to Daddy, or find Dad’s favorite song and rewrite the words to make it all about him!
  • Make T-shirts that say “My DAD is AWESOME!”, “MY DAD ROCKS!”, “MY DAD is #1”, and wear it on Father’s Day so the WORLD can see how special Dad is!

From the Mother:

  • Homemade Card with a list of what makes Your Baby Daddy the best!
  • Buy a sweet Father’s Day Card from your Wife at your favorite store.
  • Make a collage of words that describe him out of magazine clippings.

Acts of Service Dad

From the Children:

  • With Mom’s help cook Dad his favorite breakfast in bed!
  • With Mom’s help cook Dad his favorite lunch or Dinner.
  • Bake Dad his favorite Cookies, cake, dessert.
  • Team work- Take the load off Dad for one whole week. Offer to do all of his DAD Chores; take out the trash, mow the yard, feed the animals, etc..

Quality Time Dad

From the Children:

  • Treat Dad to Movie time whether is be at the Theatres or at home!
  • Take Dad camping!
  • Buy him tickets to his favorite Sports team game!
  • Take him Bowling together.
  • Go Fishing!
  • Go Hiking!
  • Go Sailing!
  • Go to the amusement Park!
  • Go to the water Park!
  • Go to the museum!
  • Go to the Zoo!
  • Go to an aquarium!
  • Go to the beach!
  • Go swimming at the pool!
  • Make a Map and Map out the whole day full of activities and fun!

From the Mother:

  • Book a get away vacation for just the two of you to his favorite place to unwind and relax.
  • Make him a DATE NIGHT coupon book. Let him pick the nights where you stay up late and watch a movie together alone, or hire a sitter and go out for dinner and a movie, etc.

There are countless things to do with this Dad. All he really cares about is just spending time with you!

Receiving Gifts Dad

From Mother and Little(s)

Adventure Dad

  • Guns
  • Ammo
  • Day at the Gun Range
  • Hunting Gear
  • Fishing Gear
  • Golf Gear
  • Tickets to UFC match
  • Gift Cards to Cabela’s, Academy, Bass Pro Shop

Grill Master Dad

  • New BBQ Grill
  • Grill accessories
  • Beverages to drink while Grilling
  • #1 Dad Apron, baseball cap
  • spices, seasonings, sauces
  • New Yeti Cooler
  • Portable mp3 stereo system and speakers for outdoors.

Athletic Dad

  • Gift Card to GNC, Vitamin Shop, Academy, Hibbett Sports, Dicks
  • New work out apparel
  • Golf clubs
  • Oakley Sunglasses
  • A cool new Sports Band that tracks, calories, heartbeat, sleep patterns, etc. (Nike Fuel Band, JAWBONE, Misfit)
  • Mp3 player
  • Beats headphones
  • ITUNES gift card for music

Book Lover Dad

  • Gift card to Barnes and Noble
  • Gift card to Amazon, ITunes (for a reader book on his electronic reader)
  • IPad
  • Kindle Fire
  • Books
  • A year Magazine superscription to his favorite Magazine

Electronic/ Gadget Dad

  • Flat screen TV
  • Stereo system for his Ride
  • Notebook, MacBook Pro
  • Blue Ray player
  • Blue Ray DVDS (his favorite movies)
  • Video game system and games
  • Camera, Video recorder
  • IPad
  • Kindle Fire

For the Dad who has it all

  • Homemade MAN bouquet that consists of his favorite beverages, beef jerky, cheese, crackers, chips, candy, and gift cards, etc.
  • Fresh cut Flowers
  • New lunch box
  • Cash


I hope this guide helps spark your imagination and aides you into finding the perfect gift for that Special Dad in your life!


-Leigh Leigh



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Toddler Busy Bag Fun

Toddler busy bag

 This morning was our last MOPS meeting until the fall. 😦 MOPS for those who are just now hearing this name for the first time stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. If you are a stay at home Mom, I urge you to look up MOPS groups in your area. It is a wonderful program for Mothers of preschoolers to engage with other moms and form new friendships and bonds with other Moms. Our MOPS group meets the first Monday of the month starting in September and ending in May. Our MOPS group offers a monthly meeting, a scheduled play date, somewhere fun, a moms night out, as well as a bible study each month. I joined MOPS a few years ago and met my best friends that I still have today. This group is perfect for new Mommies in town. During the monthly meetings MOPS offers MOPPETS for your preschool aged child 6 weeks-5 years of age. So while you are enjoying yummy food, crafting, fellowship, and awesome speakers who are speaking on Mother hood topics, your little(s) are busy making crafts, playing, and being loved on. Sister, you can breath and enjoy some time with out your little(s). Our MOPS monthly meetings are two hours long.

With the summer crazies quickly approaching, Our MOPS craft leader decided we needed to end with a little something to help keep boredom at bay, the TODDLER BUSY BAG! I wanted to share what I was busy making this morning. The ideas that you can come up with are unlimited. If you are a pinner then you will be able to just search toddler busy bag and I am sure a million examples will pop up.

The materials we used today were:

  • foam paper
  • felt paper
  • scissors
  • sharpie markers
  • pipe cleaners
  • colored beads
  • stick-on Velcro
  • glue gun with glue sticks

Here are some pictures of how mine turned out. I made two shape matching games and a color bead sort.

shapesmatchgame                                                                  shapesmatchgame2





I brought these home to my two 4 year old daughters and they LOVED them.

Please feel free to share with all your Mommy friends. 🙂

xOxO & God Bless

Leigh Leigh