Hello there and welcome! I am so glad you are here!

My name is Ash’Leigh and I’m just a girl absorbing God’s grace, love, goodness, and mercy every single day; glorifying Jesus through loving my people and walking by faith. I am a Daughter-Wife-Mother-Friend.

Have you ever wonder if you are living up to the potential God created you to be? I know this question has been my own hearts cry and one of my greatest desires to know who he originally created me to be, my destiny, and my purpose in Christ here on the Earth, and to also learn about his love for me. Maybe you are here reading this and asking yourself these same questions. Why was I created? Why do I have this personality? Why did I have to go through such hard things as a child, teen, and adult? Why can’t I seem to do this Jesus Journey love thing right? Why can’t I just get my life together and BE who God created me to be? His beautiful, special, unique Daughter here to be a vessel of his love!? Girl I have felt the despair of these question, and I have made it a mission to seek what this Daughter of God lifestyle is all about. 

So who is coming with me? Let’s journey together, laugh, cry, and share what the Holy Spirit is teaching us. God is so good, and he delights in his children when they are seeking him with everything they have. So let’s seek, run, crawl, walk, skip, jump, twirl; just know your not alone we can do this together! 

I am on a mission to share Jesus with every Wife * Mom * Woman *Young Lady who is thirsty for MORE of God. 

We as daughters of the God have an awesome privilege to share Jesus and his truth through the eyes and heart of a woman, and a responsibility to teach, mentor, and inspire the younger generations of Women how to love God. My JOY is to help Equip and Encourage you in your Faith in Christ to GROW in Grace wherever you are on your journey.

❤ Ash-Leigh

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