Faith requires something only you can give!

I asked Jesus in my ❤️ when I was 10 years old. I rededicated my life to him when I was 24. I’m 37 now and the Holy Spirit is really trying to get me to understand how faith works.
Yes I know with out faith it is impossible to please God, but to truly understand that Faith is a supernatural power that effects both spiritual and physical aspects of my life is a revelation I am seeking.
The Kingdom of God operates opposite to this world we live in. So it doesn’t make sense to tell someone rest in Jesus when we are in so much suffering, pain, and fear of the unknown.
This is where faith must be stronger then reasoning.
My efforts get me no where when I try and control the whys to the trials.
Faith even though it’s so much harder to grasp in logical understanding is actually super easy to live by if we can just grasp it’s power.
Faith actually takes away our striving to control. Because we Trust that God is going to work it out for our good no matter what! This MS diagnosis has made me physically weaker in a lot of aspects but actually spirituality supernatural stronger.
Maybe what you need to do is just let go of what’s holding you down. For me it’s always logic/ reasoning. I’m always in my own head trying to figure it all out.
For once freedom has slipped into a crack of my weakness and I am beginning to see how this Faith thing was designed for my good. ❤️🙌🏻🌈🕊💃🏼🥊🦁

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