Leigh Leigh Speaks

Nothing screams “Vulnerable” more then creating your very on blog about your life. As I sit here writing this very first blog post butterflies race about fluttering extremely fast as the letters appear on the screen. I guess this whole concept started with an email I received a few short weeks ago from a woman who was starting up a sports bottle customization company. It would appear that she had maybe got in a little over her head. I simply asked a few questions and the response that I received back rocked me. “Hi this is ######. I am a mother of four but I am running a fundraiser.” She then continued with saying that she would love to talk and see if we could together come up with some of the answers to my questions.

The passion for starting a blog has been growing for a little over a year now. I journal the old fashion way with a pen and a pretty decorative blank paged journal. If you are like me, we do all of our soul searching in the shower. As I am scrubbing my floral shampoo in my hair, day dreaming of what my blog would consist of, I heard those words come back, but they weren’t hers they were mine. Why would my blog matter? I am just a Mother of four. I immediately stopped right there in my thought and begin to cry. I had felt that inadequacy the woman had expressed in her email. That same insecurity every mom feels as she dreams up, and aspires to be something more then just their mom. It was in that moment I knew I had to bust out of my comfort shell of that silly little title “Mom of four.” Yes, it may be just a title, but it is being used in a negative manner and not the way it was intended. How many times have we thought about putting in a job application, starting a company, joining a new gym, entering into any type of competition, (cooking, sewing, crafting, painting, etc..).. all to be drowned out by the bulling of that phrase.. why would you do that your JUST a mom of 4? This bully phrase is the whisper of Satan holding us back and keeping us right were we are, in the sea of our own insecurities and comparisons.

If you are a mother of one child, you my friend are IMPORTANT. You have learned to be loving, kind, forgiving, patient, selfless, nurturing, compassionate, and wise beyond your years. You are inspiring, empowering, special, unique, quirky, one of a kind. You’ve got it! Anything you dare dream, think, hope, you can do! I have a voice and so do you! So let’s speak up sister and share the things that make us all connect and relate with one another.

Here is to stepping out of FEAR and stepping into FAITH.

Journey with me as I share my life as HIS Wife, Their Mother, My best friend, working out, staying healthy, growing in faith, and following Jesus.

Leigh Leigh

2 thoughts on “Leigh Leigh Speaks

  1. Glad you found a voice you were looking for. I couldn’t imagine the responsibility of kids and trying to live healthy, work out, and maintain your sanity in general.


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