5 hours, 7 stores

AND….. $$$ later- KID FREE Retail- Therapy for this much needed Momma!!

This pretty much sums up my day. It was nice to run away and escape off to retail land. I got lost behind art supplies, women’s clothing, and shoes. I filled up the back of our Trans-Am as I shopped til I got hungry!!

I passed up some cute 50% off day planners at Michael’s in hopes that mine would somehow magically appear today when I arrived home. I imagined those planner thieves, my 8 year old falsely accused and made up, had sneaked back into my home and placed my beloved planner back onto my coffee table. It would be crying out to me begging me to scoop it up close in my arms and snuggle it as we embraced a warm reunification after a night of terror those monstrous planners thieves had executed.

( here is where I would insert a cute planner being rescued sketch, but it’s 11:18pm and I’m laying in bed so use your imagination)

That wasn’t how this story ends. I searched with a flashlight high and low again under beds, couches, and my kids rooms this evening. 😢 It was no where to be found.

Tomorrow I shall mourn the loss of my planner for real this time, and let 2017 keep it where ever it may be! I must set out and buy a new planner because I’m pretty sure by now, my husband along with everyone else is so over hearing me whine about me losing my planner! 😂

Enough already!!!

❤ Ash’Leigh Harris

Have you ever just freakishly lost something that you used on the daily? Comment below. I need to know I’m not the only crazy out there who loses things while she cleans!!!! 😬

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