What Mothers Secretly want for Mother’s Day!

Leigh Leigh asked and Mom’s responded! It is almost that time of year where we get to spoil and lavish our Mothers with gifts of love and appreciation for being the WORLD’s GREATEST! So what does she really secretly wish you got her for Mother’s Day?


She wants to hear how much you love and appreciate her!


She wishes that you would complete her Chore list, or at least give her the day off!


She wants to be pampered! Whether it be a gift certificate or card to her favorite Day Spa, or a home-made gift basket full of foot scrubs, facial scrubs, her favorite shower gel, body lotion, and or body spray.


She loves the boogies and snot out of her little darlings, but most Mothers are so tired, especially if they are Mother’s of Preschool aged children. She would love some TIME ALONE! To do what? WHAT EVER SHE WANTS! She could go shopping, take a relaxing bubble bath, read a book, take a friend to lunch, book a hot date with her husband, the sky is the limit!


If you no longer live at home, she wants to see you!


So here you have it, the TOP SECRET Mother’s Day Gift LIST!

What’s on my wish list?

Lot’s of hugs and kisses and a delicious meal I don’t have to prepare with my whole crew!


Leigh Leigh

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Doxycycline Hyclate…a must read if you are on this medication

Doxycycline Hyclate side effects

I hope you can take a few minutes that will spare you some extreme pain! Please read!

I have just lived an extremely difficult and very painful 9 days of my life. I wanted to use my blog to share some valuable information to those of you who are taking Doxycycline Hyclate 100MG.

Months leading into turning 30 have been hectic on my body. I have gone through more hormone changes then I’d like to mention on here, but the biggest bummer so far has been dealing with acne on my face. My dermatologist put me on Doxycycline Hyclate about a month ago, along with a topical cream. I have been taking the medication as prescribed with minimal complications. Every now and then I would notice a little heartburn, but it never lasted long at all.

Last Thursday night I was about to hop in bed when I remembered I forgot to take my second pill for the day. I usually take my second dose with dinner, but on this night we had a track meet to catch, plus squeezed a work out in, so dinner was served later then usual! I was beat from the busy week so no time to stay up, after I ate it was time for bed! I took a drink of water beside my bed, swallowed the pill, and laid down. I quickly jumped up remembering that I was suppose to, as instructed, wait “ten minuets” before laying down. This was in the medication pamphlet, not on the bottle just FYI.

That night I woke up with a lump and a pain in my throat. I figured the pill didn’t go all the way down, so I traveled to the kitchen, grabbed an oatmeal pie, and drank some orange juice. Not very healthy I know for a midnight snack, but I was hoping the thickness of the oatmeal pie would push the pill down. It still felt weird, but I continued to fall back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with heartburn which lingered all day and made it difficult to eat my lunch and dinner, but I managed to get it down. My husband suggested maybe I had just scratched my throat on the BBQ the previous night.

By Saturday night as I tried to eat my delicious hamburger my brother in law prepared for us, it had felt like the bottom of my throat where my esophagus is located, was swollen. I could feel my chewed up bites barely getting down. On Sunday I was barely getting mash potatoes down, and Sunday night, I felt horrible!

Sunday night is when I got a clue something wasn’t right and really concentrated on trying to go on a liquid diet. The pain to swallow was so severe that I was not even able to swallow water without extreme discomfort. I never ran a fever, just another FYI. I had to sip the water in small swallows or I felt like my esophagus was going to burst.

You know how it is when you are a wife and mom of four, the world doesn’t stop moving while you are not feeling well. I continued to go to work and do all my mom and wife duties, but by Tuesday the pain had traveled to my stomach and now I was experiencing burning and this heaviness sensation on my chest, like someone was sitting on top of me. The pain was so strong that it radiated to my upper back. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the chest.  The pain never went away! I couldn’t escape it no matter what I did because I was limited to what I could put into my stomach. I was even sleeping propped up. The pain would wake me on and off during the night time. It was out of control, so I finally made a call to see my doctor.

He told me to stop the medication at once. I contacted my dermatologist to let him know what had happened.

My doctor diagnosed me with esophagitis and gastritis, which is inflammation of the tissue in your esophagus and stomach. He wanted me to continue a liquid/soft diet until I was doing better. He also prescribed two medications to help stop the acid in my stomach so that I could start healing. I was instructed to contact a GI doctor if my extreme pain continued still on Monday.

It’s Sunday night, and I am happy to report the medications, and prayers from my family and friends, have done wonders! I was able to eat a soft ham egg croissant last night (happy dance). I can now finally chug liquids without pain. I can tell that I am not 100% yet, as I can still feel a tiny little pain in my esophagus, but I know I will continue to recover as I am able to get some calories and larger quantities of liquids in my system!

My point is BEWARE!

Please don’t make the mistake that I made while taking this medication. I would recommend not laying down for an hour after you take Doxy! The doctor did say this was a result of the medication getting stuck in my throat, and then dissolving into the esophagus and stomach tissue.

As for continuing Doxycycline after I heal completely, which by the way, my doctor told me I was looking at 2 weeks to heal, I don’t think I will be continuing the medication. I do have to note though, my acne actually is clearing up! (Bummer for this unfortunate event!)

To help minimize the pain, I did ask my doctor for Tylenol with codeine. I didn’t get this until Friday, I wish I could have received it sooner, as it worked wonders on the pain!

This has been a very trying week for me emotionally and mentally. Not being able to eat can break your will power down. I have lost about 4 lbs during those whole experience! NOT A FUN WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT PEOPLE!! 🙂

I hope this information spares someone out there a whole lot of excruciating pain!

Let’s talk! Have you taken this medication with any complications? Has this happened to you!?


Leigh Leigh

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Tenth Avenue North Album Review of The Struggle



Album Review on Tenth Avenue North  The Struggle


The title of this album is so relevant to our everyday lives! If you follow social media outlets #struggle #thestruggle #thestruggleisreal are very popularly used tags that our society as a whole are using in their posts of their daily lives! I too am one that is guilty of using these hashtags myself! I remember my initial reaction to the song Losing. My heart was heavily convicted by the lyrics, “Father give me grace to forgive them cause I feel like the one losing.” Such a powerful, convicting song as I was dealing with a personal struggle of learning to continue to extend grace to a person who just kept dishing out hurtful things about me. Tenth Avenue North has a way of reaching their audience who are experiencing real life struggles and how we can over come them through the truth of the word and the love of Christ! Then I heard Worn on the radio and I again made a connection with the lyrics flowing out of my car speakers. I knew that This band had a calling on their lives to fill their listeners up with truth, conviction, love, encouragement, compassion, grace, redemption, that only comes from the Love of Christ! I had to hear the whole album! My personal favorites on this album are Losing, Worn, and The Struggle. I HIGHLY recommend this album to everyone! It’s upbeat tempo will encourage you to sing along with the lyrics.


Buy it now!!  www.familychristian.com/the-struggle.html

*Disclosure- I received this CD for free from Family Christian to write a review. This review is based on my personal opinion.

Leigh Leigh







L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee- A MUST HAVE FOR FALL

Summer is over but that doesn’t mean your gorgeous summer glowing skin has to be! No WAY!!


Here are 6 reasons why I am in LOVE with L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee Medium Natural Tan!

#1 The price– $8.79! I believe Wal-Mart had it even a little cheaper. I bought mine in August so I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for it. My web search found the price listed above at Walgreens.com Here is a link to purchase! http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/l%27oreal-paris-sublime-bronze-self-tanning-gelee/ID=prod6053802-product

#2 It dries SUPER Quick! I like to apply mine after I shower and towel dry. I usually wait around 5 minuets before dressing. I go straight to sleep and wake up with a nice tan!

#3 It has a streak free formula!

#4 It smells “OK!” Sublime Gelee doesn’t stink as bad as other Self-Tanners I have applied to my skin in the past.

#5 The tan is beautiful and does look REAL! It develops a very natural color and glow!

#6 Compliments! My husband totally digs the color on me!


Here are some tips that I have learned about using this Gelee!

  • Make sure you exfoliate and shave in the shower before applying to skin! (I will not exfoliate my skin until the night of a reapplication. Over exfoliating after you apply Gelee can shorten the life of your tan.)

  • If you want to apply Gelee in the morning make sure that you wear dark clothes so that the tanner doesn’t rub on your skin and tint your clothing! It hasn’t stained any of my pj’s thus far! It washes right off in the wash machine.

  • Use sparingly on your knees, ankles, elbows, and feet!!

  • Apply daily until you reach your desired tan. I usually will apply three days in a row, and then I will go to twice a week! The more you apply and use the Gelee you will learn what works best for you!

  • It can go over Tattoos! I have a sleeve on my right arm. I have used this sparingly on the sleeve and it works just well with my ink!

This Just cracks me up! I found this image on Pinterest!


This will not happen to you if you use L’OREAL SUBLIME BRONZE SELF_TANNING GELEE!

See for yourself! Here is picture of my tanned legs!

tanner legs

Say GOOD BYE to pasty white FALL SKIN! Get your summer glow back!! 🙂

Disclosure: I was not asked to give a review of L’OREAL SUBLIME BRONZE SELF_TANNING GELEE. This is just my personal opinon!


Leigh Leigh

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What do we want? Sleep! When do we want it?


It has been the topic of several conversations lately…SLEEP, or should I say lack there of!

We are now counting down the weeks until school starts which means waking up at the crack of dawn. BOO!! With that comes sleep adjustments or just anxiety and not being able to fall a sleep due to all the upcoming back to school chaos!

I for one have enjoyed my late night Netflix binges, but unfortunately, this must come to an end. 😦 Why? Because I am a WOMAN and if I don’t get a good 7-8 hours of sleep, I am a very easily aggravated cranky WOMAN! Going to sleep late and waking up early is not going to work at all for me. I needed a plan and I was going to have to find something to aide me in this process.

I have never been a very big hot tea drinker! I am a southern lady who LOVES her cold sweet ice tea! So when I heard about herbal hot teas I wasn’t too thrilled about the thought of actually having to drink hot tea! Seems unnatural for a TEXAS gal! I recently received some TAZO tea in a gift, which I do need to blog about here later. It’s amazing stuff that picks you up and gives you copious amounts of energy. I figured if they had tea to take you up, they would have to make tea that brings you down. So I off I went to search for sleepy tea in my local grocery store. There it was, neighbors with all the other teas.

I am a sucker for packaging. The cute little sleepy Momma Bear sold me!


Okay now that I am looking at it, maybe it’s a Daddy Bear? Either way the bear is sleeping so peacefully. I was thinking to myself, “Man that is some good stuff if she couldn’t even make it out of the recliner with out passing out!” Wait recliner? Okay I must come to grips that this must in fact be a Daddy Bear!

Here is what the box says about this tea:

Nothing promotes physical and mental well being like a restful evening. So if you’re wondering how to sleep better or just looking for something to help you unwind, try a cup of Sleepytime Extra®. This relaxing and delicious herbal tea starts with the time-honored blend of chamomile, spearmint and other soothing herbs found in our beloved Sleepytime herbal tea. We then add valerian, trusted as a natural sleep aid since the days of the Greeks and Romans because of its mild sedative properties. The result is a tea with the trusted calming effect and great taste of Sleepytime, plus just a little “extra” to help you rest.

You can get Sleepytime tea, but I went ahead and purchased Sleepytime EXTRA because, well, I really wanted this to work! I Didn’t want to take any chances on it not making me sleepy!

This is also caffeine and glutton free!  You can purchase Sleepytime Extra for $3.18 for 20 Bags.

Here are the Steps on how to brew Sleepytime Extra Tea!

First you want to brew your water. I just use my Keurig, but you can boil water the old fashioned way on your stove top, or microwave.


Then you will want to remove a tea bag from the box and place it into your boiling hot water.


Next you will want to steep your tea for 4-6 minuets.


Dispose of your tea bag and if you fancy add your favorite sweetener.


Mix it up until the sweetener dissolves.


Now here comes my favorite step! Drink up!

This has a very strong spearmint and dill pickle taste to me. This is why I flush that out with the sweetener. It will definitely take a few cups to get accustomed to.  I like to drink this in bed with my Netflix show on. About 30-40 minuets into my show, my eyes are growing heavy and I am catching myself falling a sleep before the show is even over! No more worrying about getting sucked into the next episode and staying up another hour! Nope, I am dreaming away!

Now the awesome part about this Sleepytime tea is I get a good nights rest and I don’t wake up with a fat head or a bad mood. I wake up well rested and feeling great!

I sure hope you at least give this a try if you are having problems adjusting to a new bed time routine! I believe you are really going to love it!


*This is strictly a review of my own opinion.

You can’t be beautiful with out a good nights sleep!


Leigh Leigh

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I received this First Aid Shot Therapy Liquid drinkable shot from my Influenster #SurfsUpVoxBox. Thankfully headaches are not my MENACE, but my pesky little wrist pain is. I was in the gym yesterday working on my chest, and the irritable pain that comes and goes came on strong while working out on the bench press. In my anguish, I  remembered that I had thrown my First Aid Shot Therapy in my gym bag a few days prior, so I thought to myself, what a great time to try this product out! Within 20 minuets, my pain had decreased immensely. The liquid shot went down very smooth. This has a yummy berry flavor. In my opinion it gets a TWO THUMBS UP!



Walgreens, 7Elven, Amazon carry the F.A.S.T. FIRST AID SHOT THERAPY! To find  OUT MORE INFORMATION go to http://firstaidshottherapy.com/

Price $2.99


*I received this product from influenster for free for product testing and review. #SurfsUpVoxBox












-Leigh Leigh

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Summer leaves my Skin Thirsty

My Favorite part of summer is soaking up warm vibrant rays of SUNSHINE!

After soaking up the suns rays, my skin gets really thirsty for a cool drink! I am Super Happy I found this to quench my skin’s thirst!


Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration After Sun is the first and only after sun product that combines ribbons of gel and lotion to leave your skin feeling luxurious and refreshed.

Features & Benefits:

24 hours of luxurious moisturization and refreshing hydrating ribbons

Lightweight feel

Coconut papaya fragrance

Refreshes sun-tired skin with soothing aloe gel








You can add Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration After Sun into your Beach Bag for only $8.99/8oz or $2.99/2oz.

This can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, Target, and other stores.

*I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. #SurfsUpVoxBox

You can check out the unboxing of my #SurfUpVoxBox from Influenster on youtube….


-Leigh Leigh

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#SurfsUpVoxBox Unboxing Review

Oh my goodness the wait is finally over because I just received my first ever #VoxBox from Influenster.com!

I am super excited to be able to finally blog about my review of my complimentary products that I received.

Influenster is a fun website that allows you to take surveys and write product reviews on your favorite products. When you participate they send you VoxBoxes containing free products to review for them based on your interest, surverys, and badges you accure.

I wanted to share the unboxing of my first #VoxBox that I published to Youtube! I will be blogging product reviews here in the next fews days as a follow up to my unboxing!

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

*This was my first ever video review, so please extend your grace and don’t make fun of me too much! HAHA

“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

If you are interested in receiving free products to review yourself for FREE, I can invite you via your email address.

Surfs Up Dudes!
-Leigh Leigh

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Quick Beach Wavy Hair Straight from the Bottle

Summer Friday’s have this Busy Momma on the Go, Go, Go! This happens to create some serious #hairstruggles post morning work out. As you can imagine after a hour of Zumba followed by another 30 minuets of a shoulder lifting my hair is a sweaty drenched mess.

A shower is a MUST!

Being that my Friday’s have been crazy busy these past couple of weeks, running madly outside of my home on various errands, leaves me a very small window of time to grab a quick shower. Yes, the wet hair slicked back in a pony or bun can come in handy, but I have found a super easy way to create Beach Wave locks, in minuets!! (quick shower included)

straight hair

I have to share this picture with you so you can see just how STRAIGHT my hair is. I have very fine hair and volume just does not come natural for me, even with color on my hair! Go, Figure!

This would probably be a good time to post a picture of my sweaty post work out hair, but I will spare you for today! 😉

Here is my hair after a quick shower. Check that volume out! You would have never guessed that I was a sweaty mess just 30 minuets prior to this photo!



Get the Look

Now here comes my favorite drug store find of the season………………….Walgreens!



I have tried several sea salt sprays to get this look with much disappointment.

I LOVE this spray!

Wash your hair , towel dry, then comb out any tangles.

Pick out something fabulous to wear and get dressed.

Go ahead and apply your favorite bronzer, blush, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, and lip gloss. (If you desire!)

Shake your TXT IT spray and spray all over your tresses. Starting from the bottom of your hair, start scrunching your locks from the bottom to the roots. (As much hair as you can hold in your hand.) Squeeze a handful of hair and release.  Repeat until all of your hair has been hand scrunched.

*Feel free to spray in more spray and scrunch some more until desired look is reached.

Now to my favorite part:

Let it air dry and Go!

You will notice that the bottle says “All day (un)dressed Look. If you are going for something more put together, then I suggest skipping the spray, blow dry out, and roll with wand.

Remember we are in a hurry and on the go, that’s why we are opting for the messy beach waves look!

L’Oreal Paris did not give or ask me to review this product. This review is strictly of my own personal opinion.

How do you achieve quick beach waves? I would love to learn other ways as well! Comment below please!


-Leigh Leigh

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Work out hair accessory MUST have

photo (9)

When you walk into the gym, it is no surprise that headbands are super popular amongst the female population. They come in all widths, shapes, sizes, and colors.

In my failed attempts to find the perfect headband, that actually stays in place, I now own a large collection of headbands I have absolutely no use for because they just don’t fit my head right. Why, because I was blessed with a small head and very fine hair. This creates chaos while I am working out because the band will not stay put without sliding off or onto my neck and here comes all the hair right in my face, choking me or blinding me while I run. NOT COOL! I believe I am not the only lady with this problem because lately I have been seeing other women with headbands on using bobby pins or hair clips to secure their band in place.

I wish I could take credit for this awesome headband find, but I can not! These headbands were actually a secret sister gift that I received a few weeks ago! If I have sparked your interest enough, you are probably trying to figure out what brand makes these awesome babies and what they are called. They are the Goody SLIDE-PROOF secure fit headbands. They come in a pack of six. My bands came in purple, blue, yellow, red, black, and orange. These bands are awesome because they have a thin line of rubber underneath the band that clings on to your head without pulling your hair.

photo 2 (8)

Like I previously stated earlier, I have had these bands for almost a month now and I have worn them over and over to zumba class, the gym, on my runs, and even around the town running errands. They are still fitting my head snug and haven’t worn lose.

You can use one or double up with two or three for style! Perfect for the up do, low ponytail, or leave it in with your hair down!

photo (3)

I LOVE these and I thought maybe there is someone out there who shares the same headband struggles! 😉


-Leigh Leigh

* I was not paid to give a review for Goody headbands, this is strictly just for fun.

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