Tenth Avenue North Album Review of The Struggle



Album Review on Tenth Avenue North  The Struggle


The title of this album is so relevant to our everyday lives! If you follow social media outlets #struggle #thestruggle #thestruggleisreal are very popularly used tags that our society as a whole are using in their posts of their daily lives! I too am one that is guilty of using these hashtags myself! I remember my initial reaction to the song Losing. My heart was heavily convicted by the lyrics, “Father give me grace to forgive them cause I feel like the one losing.” Such a powerful, convicting song as I was dealing with a personal struggle of learning to continue to extend grace to a person who just kept dishing out hurtful things about me. Tenth Avenue North has a way of reaching their audience who are experiencing real life struggles and how we can over come them through the truth of the word and the love of Christ! Then I heard Worn on the radio and I again made a connection with the lyrics flowing out of my car speakers. I knew that This band had a calling on their lives to fill their listeners up with truth, conviction, love, encouragement, compassion, grace, redemption, that only comes from the Love of Christ! I had to hear the whole album! My personal favorites on this album are Losing, Worn, and The Struggle. I HIGHLY recommend this album to everyone! It’s upbeat tempo will encourage you to sing along with the lyrics.


Buy it now!!  www.familychristian.com/the-struggle.html

*Disclosure- I received this CD for free from Family Christian to write a review. This review is based on my personal opinion.

Leigh Leigh







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