Examine Your Motives



proverbs 162

Day 2

Examining your motives can be a hard pill to swallow!

Have you ever been carried away with doing a good deed that you some how got lost in the self gratification, the attention, and the self serving ego spoon feeding it gave you that you actually lost track of the true reason you started your task in the first place? Take a moment to reflect on what motivates you to do good. What are you wanting in return for your good deeds? Popularity, Acceptance, money, credit, praise?

As a new blogger I have had to examine my heart several times! It is easy to get caught up on statistics and the number of page views received each day. I am super competitive by nature so when other Blogger’s post rise high in popularity it can make me a little jealous and perhaps pride driven. (This is not good and certainly not the reason I wanted to blog in the first place!) It is easy no matter what you do to not get hung up on the self servings we think we need to feel worthy that comes along with success.

My prayer before every published blog post here on Leigh Leigh Speaks is that the Lord would bless who ever reads these posts and encourages them in their faith! 

It is never too late to examine your motives and change them, go to God with your sincere honesty admitting your motives have been self serving and ask for forgiveness and a measure of grace and love to realign your motives with His will. Ask Him to drive out anything and everything that is causing you to make your wants greater then the NEEDS of the Lords Kingdom!

I am doing 40 Days of Scripture you can find out what you missed yesterday, Day 1 and make sure you come on back for the days to come!

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Leigh Leigh

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