A few words can change the atmosphere

Emptiness, anger

No words spoken for weeks.

Blank stares.

No hellos, no cya laters.

Unforgiveness, bitterness, offenses

take control.

Darkness, hurt, pain.

Fear accompanies my heart and my mind. It latches on like a thick mucky paste and it suffocates my peace and my joy.

Thoughts that keep us separated with no hope of Reconciliation.

Then out of weeks of continued hinderance

One word spoken out of love.

It starts a spark that will turn into a flame

That will light up and expose all the darkness.

Truth will be revealed. Truth is love.

The love that has been hidden under the hurts.

Love that has been hidden and hijacked by fear.

And through the pressed lips I see a slight smile. Even if it wasn’t suppose to slip out. Because

Love does this. It overcomes our deepest insecurities and exposes the desires of our hearts.

And the broken pieces start to weld back together, made out of love and grace.

One word that’s all it takes.

Because one word turns into two or three and are aligned in a strand of a conversation.


❤️-Ash’Leigh Harris

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