Rooted in God’s love

Sometimes in life we have those seasons that seem to weigh heavy on our hearts. 

We wage war with an enemy who is very cleaver at his demises and we, in our lack of faith and trust, forget how much bigger our God is, and how much love he has for us. Life isn’t easy, it’s messy. Weather we make the wrong choices and have to suffer or own consequences or are on the receiving end of another’s bad choices sometimes life feels scary, sad, angry, impatient and defeated.

 Maybe it’s a phone call you never expected, an illness, a strong willed child, a wrecked relationship. 

I don’t know what your facing that has you isolated from God, from yourself, and from others, but I just wanted to give you hope and remind you that.. in the midst of our greatest to even the tiniest fears you have to face the God you know and have faith he is going to keep you from going under!

 I painted this picture to remind myself that no matter how fierce the storm is raging my tree of life (my true identity) is rooted in my Father’s love and it’s enough to sustain me from hail, 80 m/p/h winds, and torrential down pours. His love saves me and his love saves you! 

Lyrics from Casting Crowns- Oh My Soul ❤️


Lion of Judah Black light painting 

I’m pretty obsessed with painting under a black light. I Just wanted to share some of my latest glow art paintings. I made this one for my Son. I have shared this scripture with him since he was teeny tiny.

This one is for my daughter that loves the song Beloved by Jordan Feliz. 

This one is my latest and is going to one of my daughters as well. She is a teenager and as we all know the teen years are hard. I hope she always remembers Who to run to in her time of need.

I am using neon colored acrylic paint that I purchased at Michaels. These are all painted on canvas. 
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Leigh Leigh 

If you are hurting and need a healing….

Dear hurting Friend, 

I believe the power of prophetic art ministered by the Holy Spirit can break a strong hold. 

I know you are in pain and you are suffering. You feel like you are slowly disappearing into the air. You feel unimportant, unnoticed, unacceptable, unloved, and unseen, but God sees you. Except he sees you through his lens of Truth. Truth is you are this amazing, wonderful, talented, gifted, lovable, caring, fun to be around, beautiful person he has created you to be.

 You can’t see the beauty because you are so blinded by the rejection and the deception. You are not even close to what you have been thinking you are lately. It’s time to be healed from those damaging thoughts. 

 The Lord is ready and waiting to heal you and make your mind and your personality whole again. He is ready to heal you of that depression, all you have to do is ask him to heal you and you shall be healed.

 ❤️Psalms 30:2 LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. #healing #godheals #propheticart 

❤️Leigh Leigh 

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Rejection Chokes Out

Seeds of rejection take root underneath into the unseen heart which then grows into life choking vines that keep us trapped in our own solace. 

 Rejection masks itself as proud and strong but honestly it makes us weak, fearful, and vulnerable to letting others take advantage of us or hurt us. We then push away opportunities to love and be loved by others. We feel all alone and unwanted and ashamed.

 Jesus is the healer of our hearts, our pains, our rejections. Today he is saying release the rejection and hurt into my hands, and I will give you a new heart that isn’t afraid to love anymore. He loves you and is waiting on you to love him. It’s time to do some landscaping! ❤

I’m still Alive

Seems interesting enough how I am sitting her re-reading old blog post wondering where that piece of me has been hiding. I don’t know maybe she just took a vacation! ??

Maybe she is ready to come back soon? I don’t know, I’m going to have to certainly pray about it, but either way I’m still alive, still pursueing Christ, still pursueing life as a Wife, a Mom, a Preschool Teacher, and a Friend. 

I just wanted to drop a few lines to say hello! 

He knows

He heals the broken-hearted and binds their wounds. Psalms 147:3❤️

The Lord touched my soul about 6 years ago when I came across the scripture Psalms 27:10 Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close. I was going through some difficult situations in my life where I had felt abandoned by the ones I loved. 

When the hurt would creep in late at night while I was laying awake in bed I would imagine that Jesus would scoop me up and hold me tight like a little child being embraced by her mother. 

This image that I would play over and over had the power to heal my brokenness that I would experience in those dark moments. 

I don’t know what you are walking through today but my prayer is that you will pause, close your eyes and invision the Lord who loves you more then anyone on this earth embracing you as you weep at his feet casting all your burdensome cares  on him today to lighten your heavy load. 

I believe he wants to be that love that embraces you today that reminds you with a soft whisper He is here, He knows, and He is able to heal your brokenness. 

It’s okay to cry out to him and ask him to take the pain away. 


Let it Go!

Control your temper, for anger labels you a fool.

 Ecclesiastes 7:9
You know it’s going to be a challenging day when you are wronged within the first hour of being a wake on a rainy Monday morning. #roadrage in the preschool car drop off line seems ridiculous until your the victim of an offense. A cut off offense. This same car has repeated this offense several times before in the past to other parents dropping off. I have witnessed this reckless act several times. 

I wish I could tell you after being cut off and almost cut out of the merging line I used this opportunity as a teaching moment to show my littles how we can practice grace in the ordinary moments of life, but I fell short and did the complete opposite. I felt the anger bubbling up. I was livid.

That cut off was just a blunt reminder of all the wrongs that have kept me silent in my life. If only I could just react back ugly the way these selfish people do. But for what? Why do I get so angry and want to replace vengeance with grace? When I let my anger control my feelings my actions that follow are always regretted once the anger fog clears. 

Lord help me to always be quick to stop and pray for peace the moment anger attacks my heart. I so do not want to let my anger cause me to look like a fool! Help me to remember that I am not perfect and there are times I may have cut people off unconsciously and caused them anger. I ask for forgiveness of the wrongs I have done to others. 

What helps you to flip your anger to grace? 

Leigh Leigh


What the Blank?


Fill in the BLANK.

I AM ________!

I like to keep my nose in a book, partly because I am a book nerd at heart, and partly because I am always searching for answers.

Steven Furtick’s UNQUALIFIED has really opened my eyes to the truth that what I think about myself should be a reflection of what God thinks of me. My thoughts should be aligned with His. Unfortunately most days they are not. I was created in God’s image, and I was fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderfully not horribly!

Blogging seems to keep me grounded. I may have a gift to encourage others, but frankly I am the one who needs some encouragement. My post about beauty, self acceptance, discipline, self control, these are all areas I struggle with myself.

Do you struggle with trying to find yourself, your identity, your balance, your real self?

I am 30 and there are times in my life I still feel like I am 14 searching for self acceptance, but lately I have been encouraged not to focus on all the things I lack.

You know the I AM NOTS!

I AM not skinny enough…

I AM not pretty enough…

I AM not good enough…

I AM not positive enough…

The comparisons


She has gorgeous hair, can rock a bikini after 3 kids, perfect eye brows, perfect manicured nails, has the spotless house, has it ALL together, ALL the patience in the world, the perfect husband, the perfect life..

I want to focus on just being ME and what that really means.

I AM ______!

ME. I don’t want to be like YOU!

If you struggle in this areas of self acceptance will you join me in just taking some time today to really stop the negative talk, the hurtful chatter, listening to the lies of Satan, bombarding us both day in and day out, and just really focus on being YOU?

TODAY I AM GOOFY! How about you?

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Leigh Leigh

We can’t see the good if we are only seeking the imperfections we don’t like.


My Monday, My Choice

 monday, blues, attitude, choices 
Countless “Go Away Monday” meme’s can be spied on social media! 

This morning a reminder came spewing out of my this morning to my two younger children as I was dropping them off in the car line at school.

“It’s Monday and that’s okay, Monday’s can be happy! Happy is a choice, a good attitude is a choice. So just choose to be happy and keep a good attitude no matter what comes your way today!”

I should have known that was going to be an indication of what was to come for me as well! I have been awake since 5:45am and I can promise you I have already encountered 3 happy attitude snipers!!!! 

Be intentionally about having a good attitude knowing full well there is a possibility of a happy attitude sniper on the Horizon. 

God is good! He loves me, and I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams! 

And so are you!


Let’s keep our Good Attitudes towards Monday a rolling forward! 

Leigh Leigh