20 fun facts about Me

  1. I am fixing to turn 29 on May 29th!
  2. I am obsessed with swans, peacocks, and flamingos.
  3. I am the oldest of five daughters.
  4. I am super scared of severe thunderstorms.
  5. I own a sphinx cat named Thaddeus, whom I adore.
  6. I keep a journal to process my thoughts and emotions.
  7. I hope to own a beach house one day.
  8. I have a love/hate relationship with running.
  9. I love to cook and bake.
  10. I just recently started to wear less makeup in my older age.
  11. I tend to start multiple projects at one time and get frustrated when I can’t focus on one.
  12. In just a few months, I will be married to my husband for 9 years.
  13. I like to read a good book before I fall asleep at night.
  14. I have a tendency of killing any pet fish, including fish that are not my own!!
  15. I am SUPER competitive.
  16. I still have never had a pedicure! lol
  17. I dream of writing a book one day!
  18. Crickets, Grasshoppers, and snakes, make my skin crawl.
  19. I like to randomly take men’s hats off to see if they are bawled.
  20. I prefer lukewarm water versus scalding hot water in the shower.

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