Last day of Winter Break

Technically I went back last Friday but tomorrow my kids and I will return back to school.

It has been a great break, and I’m thankful that I have a job that allows me to be home when they are as well.

Now that I have no excuses to eat what I want when I want I have decided it’s time to start back up with counting macros.

I did this two years ago and had really great results in 12 weeks. This year my goal is to continue this and turn it into a lifestyle.

On another note, I have fallen in love with two worship songs I am totally digging and hoping to use them as inspiration to create my next worship art / prophetic painting.

I will share that here once completed.

Basically I’m just checking in and keeping the flow of writing up.

A lot can happen in a year! Here is to week #2 of 2018!


Ash Harris

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