Stepping Out in Faith

Guys! It has seriously taken 3 years to realize this is my mouth piece for the never ending abundant flowing of God’s grace over my life. 3 YEARS!! I am excited though and now eager to be obedient at the task at hand.

I think we fumble when we fail to realize the potential that lies within each one of us. This potential lies in seed form given to each one of us by God himself upon conception. I believe this seed of potential comes to life the moment we except Christ Jesus as our lord and savior. I am calling it potential, others my label it as destiny or calling.

The more trips I take around the sun, the more I realize all this whole life stuff is about me and me taking responsibility and ownership of the part I play while I journey here.

The World wants us to believe we don’t achieve true success unless we earn it. We must get that degree, that 100k job position, the white home with the picket fence, so on and so forth, and we are not worthy of top social status unless we make it all the way to the top. Seems like a true waste of our time if all we are created for is to be great and have great things for a span of 100 years on this planet. I have a hard time believing we were all created to exist temporarily period.

The truth is we were not even created to earn anything but to be gifted eternal life with Jesus all because of this thing called love. Why? Well that my friend I don’t know the answer to, but I believe it was because God desired companionship, and if you have any kind of artistic bone in your body then you know because creating is fun!

This free gift requires one thing though, faith. Faith is to put your complete trust in God even when at the present moment there is no evidence or proof. Faith in God’s Kingdom means we believe before we receive, seems silly, but God requires our trust and confidence in him and him alone.

So how am I stepping out in faith? Well for One making known your faith in today’s society is not the norm, and it is definitely not cool! People think that just because you are a believer you walk around as a self righteous/ judge-mental psycho who pretends to do no wrong. (FACE PALM) It’s these criticisms that keep believers from letting their light shine bright for all to see. Two, believing God will send the people who needs to hear his truth.

Hang around a believer long enough and you will quickly see they are just as human as you are, but there is one thing that is different. We cling on God’s grace with every breath we take, and we rest in the peace Jesus left for us, that his Blood shed on the cross did pay the penalty for every single one of our sins, and we are truly forgiven.

God’s word says that perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)

Will you take a leap of faith and believe these words spoken over each one of us?

Prayer; Dear Father, I pray that the person who is reading this very word would have a heart to receive your truth. I ask that you would remove any doubt or disbelief that they don’t have a kingdom purpose here on this earth to share your light and love to everyone they encounter in their every day lives. I pray for a great measure of faith to be laid upon their hearts and their minds to believe. I also ask Lord that you would make yourself known to them this very day. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Ash’Leigh Harris

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