Wasting your time

If there is one thing I feel like God has been trying to teach me in the past year it is the value of time, but not only that, specifically the value of time in the present. Your present tense right now, not this afternoon, or next weekend, but right now, right here in this very moment. Each breath that is taken before each exhale is precious and it is purposed for this moment. Sadly most people don’t realize the importance of the present to actually spend their time wisely and earn a dynamite return on their investment if time was money.

You see when we are waiting for the big dreams to happen we put so much stockpile into savings, hoping that when the big moment happens we will cash out all we have in exchange for happiness. Meanwhile, we are hoarding what we could be given along the way. When God gives you a dream don’t you think he will supply all your needs until payday comes?

Do you feel like you are always anticipating what is on the horizon? Are you fastened in feeling that your missing your purpose today?

Ask yourself these questions:

What can I do at this moment to glorify God?

What can I do at the moment to share Christ’s love with others?

Even the cheapest thing you own, a smile, can change another’s attitude and make their day! No matter what you may believe each time you share love you are bringing the Father glory!

❤️-Ash’Leigh Harris

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