Are you competing in a Holiday Spirit Dress Up competition? Got invited to a Holiday Cheer Dress up party and need that over the top attention grabber?

LOOK NO FARTHER!!!! I have the sure to please Holiday FRO for your awesome Holiday/ Christmas  Get Up!! The idea came to me in the middle of the Holiday Décor Isle at the Dollar Store. I was competing for the GRAND PRIZE for our Holiday Spirit Week at work and I knew I had to come up with something that was really crazy cool! I am the Queen of Corny! Well let me inform you, I work at a Preschool so Corny is COOL with the Littles! The children LOVED my Christmas Tree Fro and the adults got a good GIGGLE out of it as well! It was a WIN-WIN!

My costume was actually called “A Present Under the Tree.”

I picked up 2 poster boards from WAL-MART and wrapped them with Christmas wrapping paper. I then stapled straps out of ribbon, and pasted a BIG RED BOW on the center of the now “present.” The present covered my chest and mid torso along with my back.



*I have long hair. I am not sure if this will work for short hair. (sorry)



MAJORITY of these items can be picked up at your local Dollar Store!

Toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll cut in half)

Tissue paper (mine is recycled from a birthday present)

Hair tie (I only used one but you may need two)

Hair clips

Lights Necklace (WALMART Find $3 and they have 3 different light settings!!!)

Garland (You can get creative with your color choice.)

Mini Ornaments (Dollar Store $1 for a package of 20.)

Clip On Ornaments (WALMART $2.)

Christmas tree topper (I actually went cheap and made mine with a yellow folder, tape, and foil!)



PREP YOUR HAIR …. The day before I sported my BEACH WAVES Look for our WILD CAMO Spirit Day. You can find this tutorial HERE! When I distress my hair it makes it thicker. I have thin hair so I am not sure freshly clean, blow dried hair will hold as well on the top.

#1 Shape the tissue paper around the bottom of the toilet paper roll to form a shape that looks like a pawn in the board game SORRY. Place this creation on the top of your head, leaving plenty of hair in the front to cover up the base.

#2 Flip your head upside down holding your base with one hand and gathering all our hair around the base with the other hand. Secure hair with the hair tie. It doesn’t have to be painfully tight, just make sure it is secure. I stuffed the remaining hair inside the toilet paper roll.  (I didn’t use any hair spray.)

You should now look like a Character out of WHOVILLE! 🙂 HOLLAR

#3 Start at the base of your hair and begin to wrap the garland up your hair. I secured the beginning of the strand with the mini butterfly clip. Keep wrapping until your head is covered in the garland.

Now in the photo above you see my ornaments already attached to the garland. This is because I decided to turn this into a blog post while I was taking down the FRO! You can attach the ornaments first using crafting wire, but I recommend attaching them after your hair is wrapped with the garland. This allows you to place them exactly where you want them on your fro tree!

#4 ADD the mini ornaments using craft wire serving as ornament hooks, and strand your lights necklace. Make sure you turn the lights on first!! ADD tinsel if you desire!

#5 ADD on the heavier clip on ornaments if you wish. Don’t forget your Tree Topper! I secured my yellow star with a clip shown in the clips photo above by attaching the star onto the toilet paper roll.

christmas tree fro11

I completed my look with these flashy eye catching Christmas tree light bulb earrings…found at WALMART for $3!

photo 2 (31)

I wore this for 6 hours and didn’t experience a headache until I started to take it down. It only took me about 10 minuets from start to finish however I did practice the night before! Oh and guess what!!? I TOOK HOME FIRST PLACE!! 🙂


I would LOVE to see your CHRISTMAS TREE FRO you create! Please share with me on FACEBOOK or TWITTER!




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Toddler Busy Bag Fun

Toddler busy bag

 This morning was our last MOPS meeting until the fall. 😦 MOPS for those who are just now hearing this name for the first time stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. If you are a stay at home Mom, I urge you to look up MOPS groups in your area. It is a wonderful program for Mothers of preschoolers to engage with other moms and form new friendships and bonds with other Moms. Our MOPS group meets the first Monday of the month starting in September and ending in May. Our MOPS group offers a monthly meeting, a scheduled play date, somewhere fun, a moms night out, as well as a bible study each month. I joined MOPS a few years ago and met my best friends that I still have today. This group is perfect for new Mommies in town. During the monthly meetings MOPS offers MOPPETS for your preschool aged child 6 weeks-5 years of age. So while you are enjoying yummy food, crafting, fellowship, and awesome speakers who are speaking on Mother hood topics, your little(s) are busy making crafts, playing, and being loved on. Sister, you can breath and enjoy some time with out your little(s). Our MOPS monthly meetings are two hours long.

With the summer crazies quickly approaching, Our MOPS craft leader decided we needed to end with a little something to help keep boredom at bay, the TODDLER BUSY BAG! I wanted to share what I was busy making this morning. The ideas that you can come up with are unlimited. If you are a pinner then you will be able to just search toddler busy bag and I am sure a million examples will pop up.

The materials we used today were:

  • foam paper
  • felt paper
  • scissors
  • sharpie markers
  • pipe cleaners
  • colored beads
  • stick-on Velcro
  • glue gun with glue sticks

Here are some pictures of how mine turned out. I made two shape matching games and a color bead sort.

shapesmatchgame                                                                  shapesmatchgame2





I brought these home to my two 4 year old daughters and they LOVED them.

Please feel free to share with all your Mommy friends. 🙂

xOxO & God Bless

Leigh Leigh