Why keep a Journal?



I journal A LOT!

I don’t really use my journal for a record of my daily life or the physical events that took place that day. I usually journal more about the journey of my spiritual life. I record my feelings, emotions, events that would change my circumstances, and the reactions to these life changing moments that happen every single day. I record what the Holy Spirit is guiding me through, or teaching me. I have learned that I can really see how God is moving in and through my life as I glance back and read forward.

It is a great way to learn more about myself. After all, I didn’t create me and I love the fact that the bible tells us that God knows us better then we even know our own selves. We shouldn’t be so quick to trust our own hearts and our own feelings. Feelings are fickle and change instantly. When I journal my reactions and feelings it helps me in the future how to better handle a situation more gracefully. You would also be surprised at how much God speaks to us every day through the word, devotionals, social media, friends, songs, etc.. I am sure to record all these little messages as well!

I am warning you this can also bring light to your nasty little monsters that live inside!!! You know, jealousy, bitterness, strife, envy, anger, unforgviness, but that is a good thing because in order to KILL a monster you gotta STARVE it to DEATH! :0) When I journal I can quickly see what is in my heart as I am spewing it out onto the paper. This is a good time to reflect and pray for what ever area I am struggling in. My hope is that by sharing with you some very intimate truths about me and my life that you may be able to see the truths in yours and let the Holy Spirit guide you through the same issues you might be facing.

There is beauty in all of our messes!


-Leigh Leigh

4 thoughts on “Why keep a Journal?

  1. I have never been a journal type gal but I see what you mean. There is something about writing out your heart, it seems to just start pouring out once you start, things you did not even know where inside you.


  2. I used to journal almost every night–a prayer journal/writing out the verses that spoke to me in my Bible reading. I do it so infrequently now … I’ve allowed motherhood and technology to edge it out. But tonight I sat down on the front porch for about 6 minutes and journaled some stuff I’m working out in my heart (JESUS is working out in my heart). It was good. It always is. 🙂 It had only been 5 days since my last entry, but that’s far too long. Thanks for the encouragement!


    1. I love this!! Yea for you for finding some time to journal! I don’t do it every day either, but especially if God is working something out, I turn to the pages of my bible and my journal! Thanks so much for commenting! I hope you can continue to make it a habit! xo


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