Ink Day

Hello there beauties! Well today is INK DAY for me! 🙂

Finally after a year into the making, my peacock sleeve is finally completed! (BIG SIGH)
Maybe you are a tattoo virgin and you have been contemplating getting something pretty and permanent but you have no clue where to start or what to expect. Let me help you by sharing the steps I take leading to ink day.

First things first, you want to really do your research and meet with different tattoo artist before you commit to an artist. No rush, remember this is going to be on you for the rest of your life! He will want to set up a consultation appointment with you so yall can talk about tattoo placement and what you are wanting to design. He will draw something up and critique it until you are %100 satisfied. My artist is awesome, he just totally freestyled my whole tattoo! Obviously you have to have a lot of faith and trust in your artist before you attempt this! 😉

Also if you are contemplating a sleeve, I highly suggest you stick with one artist, and have him draw the whole sleeve up so you can work on it in sessions. You could go to other artists and have them add on each time, but most artist have way different styles and people will be able to tell that more then one person worked on it!

What I will bring with me on appointment day!



What you will need to purchase for inked skin after care


I will follow up soon with how to take care of freshly inked skin!

Are you obsessed with ink? Comment below and share with me what ink you have and where it’s placed! Have any more question for a Pro-inked Lady? Ask away! I would love to help answer any questions you may have! Let’s talk!


-Leigh Leigh

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2 thoughts on “Ink Day

    1. 🙂 Well I was the little girl that passed cold out when I had to get shot, and to this day taking blood out of my arm causes sickness! Weak stomach, however tattoo needles just don’t phase me!


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