Encouragement for the set back you ran into

It’s Friday morning and I just dropped off the last little to school, so you know what this means….I survived the first week of school chaos! WHOOOOOOOOOP! However, it was not without much disappointment but you will have to read on to find out what happened!

I Just wanted to drop a little encouraging note for you on this fabulous day to just keep going!

You see I made my plan, being the control freak that I am, and illness hit! You can’t really control that sort of thing! Last week I was feeling like a Rock Star. I was waking up around 5:10am to go run 1-2 miles, depending on my motivation and the time frame I had to work with. I felt like I was really doing something AWESOME. I was going to be on top of the routine when School started and get use to waking up early! I also too started back at my job. By 5:00pm I was exhausted but making it! No time for rest, only dinners to be made, laundry to be washed, and children to taxi off to practices. I think we made it in the gym two evening last week! Way off from my 4-5 evenings a week over summer! But  mind you again, feeling like a Rock Star because my cardio was on! I was even walking in the evenings on a few night with my husband!

I guess stress must have got the best of my immune system..sending me to the doctors office this Monday and leaving with strong antibiotics to swallow for the next seven days! Come Monday morning I was in pain and running wasn’t even going to be an option for me! I became really down and frustrated!!

WHY? I was thinking! Seriously..why get sick now!? I was on my way to making a good habit of getting up to go run before the sun came up, thinking to myself even if I didn’t make it to the weight room, I at least invested some good solid time on myself, my body, my heart, my health. (BUT I REALLY KNOW BETTER THEN THIS!)

Come Thursday morning I was hit on the head with some clarity and of course my whole PERSPECTIVE changed. I was just on my way home from droping off my son  at school when the thought just popped up out of no where. I admit I was pretty down and in a bad mood. I was using my running time to pray and listen to my worship music (a nugget of alone time and good conversation with my maker). I knew for one it had to be the Devil trying to interrupt this time I had set aside on purpose. I believe all things happen for a reason and I believe that they are likely for my good if I roll with it and trust God. But wait! What if I was just giving the devil too much credit? Maybe it had nothing to do with evil, but protection?

Maybe I might have twisted my ankle, chased and attacked by crazy dogs, or even worse, struck my a car? I mean I seriously doubt that extreme, but you just never know. Maybe an illness that took me down for 1 week was going to be way better then being down and out for months due to serous injury! I decided in that moment to not look at this week long set back as something negative which was my first instinct, or wasted, but to look at it as an opportunity to appreciate the time I do have and use it wisely, taking full advantage of my youth and my health!

I was telling my husband, we are so blessed and so oblivious to how awesome our bodies operate when we are healthy. Just one little bug, one little cold, one little infection, can cause some serious hang ups and us in lots of pain. We, or I, take my good health for granted every day.

So maybe your like me and something of the sorts like this happened to you this week. The way I see it we both have two options.

We can….

Option #1 Cry about it…and give up!

We can cry about it and feel so sorry for ourselves and question why do these things only always happen to us? I guess I shouldn’t even try, what’s the point, I don’t have time and when I do I just get sick or something else stupid tends to get in the way.

Or, we can….

Option #2 Forget about it and move forward!

Yup, forget about it. Put this week behind us and learn something from it! Learn that each day you are healthy enough to go for a walk or a jog, or play basketball, or bike ride, or work out, move, etc.. just do it! Take full advantage of the body God gave you and put it to good use.

The worst thing we can do is allow ourselves to be stuck in a negative mentality believing we will never change, or have the opportunity to change the way we feel about ourselves.

I for one am not perfect and I don’t make all the perfect healthy choices, but I don’t intend to stay stuck in those bad choices when I slip up and make them out of weakness and lack of self control! Nope, today is a new day! See you later donuts and depression!


It’s Zumba at the Y this morning and you better believe I am going to be there!

So what are you going to do today? Are you going to be stuck in your old ways, or is Today a day to try something new?

Same actions get same results!

Love your self, Love your body!

Be  Beautiful,

Leigh Leigh

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