First work out for 2015

This afternoon was my first official 2015 work out! The gym was packed, as expected. We, my husband and I, had to change up our routine as well as all the benches and free weights were in use by the mass gym newbies.

We went ahead and knocked out biceps and back instead of our planned chest work out.

I did the thing I usually never do, if you guessed hopped on the scale you are correct! Yes, I know I really shouldn’t have after 2 weeks of being off work and Holidaying it up! I weighed in at 133. I will more then likely jump on the scale at the end of January and see where I am at. I usually stay around 130, so I put on just a few pounds. Not as bad as I expected so I’m okay with that!

Back to work tomorrow! I have missed my Teacher friends and all the cute kids. My kids however are not happy tomorrow is back to school for them too! They are already counting down the days to Spring Break!

I usually don’t blog about my daily personal life but figured since it’s a new year and it was my first work out, why not!

So was today your first work out for 2015 or ever? How did it go? Did you have any gym fears leading up to it? You better bet you will be sore tomorrow!! I hope you achieve your goals this year and make some new “gym” friends along the way!

Have a fabulous rest of the week! Just stick with it!!

Leigh Leigh

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