Attention Mom/Wife/Woman/Fitness/Cardio/Stepmom Bloggers

I am lacking community and blogger friends here in the blogging world. Looking for some women who I can connect with to read your blog posts and share mine with you as well with common interest. Please comment below if you are interested!

Thanks 🙂

Leigh Leigh

We can connect on Facebook and Twitter as well!

5 thoughts on “Attention Mom/Wife/Woman/Fitness/Cardio/Stepmom Bloggers

  1. Very Interested 🙂 You are definitely more “Mature” in your fitness journey, so I’m not entirely sure you would get as much from our blog as I have already gotten from yours. But I am already very appreciative to have stumbled upon someone who is supplementing her fitness with her faith. ❤


    1. Are you kidding me!? I still need encouragement no matter where I am at on my journey! 🙂 I am glad you stumbled on my blog too! Yea! Well if you have facebook or twitter find me! I put my links at the end of this blog post. Send me a msg or a post that says hi, so I know for sure it is you!

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    1. Awesome! You start with deciding what you want to blog about. Create an account at (Helps if you do this on a PC or laptop.) create an email account for your blog, create blog domain which can be purchased through wordpress, and I use for a bio and photo for my blog. Themes are free and that’s how you form the layout for your page. It took me a whole to figure it all out! But it’s pretty simple to learn! Let me know if you start one!


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