20 Things I would go back and tell 20 year old Me

20 years old

I turn 30 in 4 days! EEEEEK!!

I have been really not looking forward to this milestone in my adult life, well since the day I turned 29! Why is 30 such a pinnacle moment to us women? Maybe because 30 sounds so sophisticated!

I think of a woman who has it all together and is classy and well respected. I don’t think of the word youthful at all. I still feel youthful! I don’t want to not be youthful just yet! Youthful to me still gives the illusion of an automatic understanding of being young and dumb when you make a mistake here or there. I don’t want to be taken super serious just yet!!

For fun, I compiled a list of things I would go back and tell my younger 20 year old self if I could! What would you add to the list? Comment below!

turning 30

1. Soul Search! Fresh out from under your parents wings, your faith in God may have steemed from them. I was 25 before I fully decided for myself what my beliefs were, and my faith blossomed ten fold from there. If I could go back, I wouldn’t have procrastinated for as long as I did to take my relationship with Christ serious.

2. Girl you are filled with youth, imagination, adventure, curiosity, and beauty! You can’t grasp all of this right now because you are too busy feeling insecure and worried you are going to screw your life up some how! You wont! Do something that scares you, take a leap of faith!

 4. Learn to let go of any offense and start forgiving people who have hurt you in your life. Move on! We don’t ever know what lies ahead tomorrow, life is too short to not love one another and forgive one another TODAY.

5. Forgive yourself for any wrongs you did to others along the way. Learn from your mistakes now, and don’t repeat them.

6. Don’t stop believing in true love! You are about to marry the man of your dreams, and he will love you fiercely and teach you how to truly trust and love some one. You will compliment each other, and encourage each other to be the best you can be. You will finally have your BEST FRIEND FOREVER!

7. You think you know what selfless love means, you have no clue! You will soon become a mom and it will change you forever for the better. You will become a person you so desperately want your children to look up to, learn from, and be proud of! You will also experience unconditional love for another human being! There are no words to describe it!

8. Stepping into a role of Stepmom at the rip age of 20 will be the most challenging thing you will ever experience. Don’t fret dear girl, each year, you start to overcome your own obstacles and it will get better! I promise! Hang in there because you are going to mature and learn and grow so much from this experience.

9. Enjoy your babies being babies! My 30s will now include preteen and teen years, and even young adult years with dear step kids! (WOW)

10. Don’t stop moving! Thankfully at almost 30 I haven’t suffered from a knee problem, but as we grow older, those sneaky pains are going to sneak up on us and bite us in the booty. Stay active! This helps your body feel young! I have been in the gym for the past 5 years, and I do feel better physically then I did in my mid 20s.

11. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. Dress youthful! There will come a day when you will have to start covering up areas on purpose, because well, lets face it, aging or said gravity does and will effect us all in different areas of our bodies! 😉

12. Take advantage of grandparents, and family to watch your kids! Enjoy every moment you get extra spending with your husband away from the little’s! (I didn’t do this enough at first!) Go an adventures with your husband while you are young!

13. Take care of your skin, moisturize daily!

14. Don’t fret over not being able to cook as good as your mother in law. You will learn to develop your own chief talent with your own tasty dishes over time! These delicious dishes will scare your future daughter in law into believing she will never make your son as satisfied at the dinner table as you. 😉

15. Find a few good friends that will stick with you! Trust them, confide in them, and be a proactive friend back. These relationships don’t just happen. You learn every relationship in your life will require some time and effort on your part.

16. Stop worrying, it solves nothing.


18. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to measure up to societies opinion of what defines a successful woman.


20. Enjoy not having to own a push up bra, a good pair of tweezers, toning gel, and a real face washing regimen every single night that includes anti aging creams for pimples and wrinkles! (Although you may want to get a jump-start on the whole face washing regimen thing!)

Life is too short to be unhappy and living in a state of mind that isn’t healthy for you. I accomplished a lot in my 20s. If my life has to be cut short, I can honestly say in this moment I am completely satisfied! I have an amazing Husband of 9 years, 4 beautiful and healthy children, great friends, and a wonderful family.

I am going to coast into my 30s with wisdom learned from my 20s. I actually do feel more mature, and more at ease with the future. Wait a minuet! I even do feel a little sophisticated and classy!

Maybe 30 isn’t sounding so TERRIBLE after all!

30 and fabulous







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