Selfish Sunglasses

It’s funny how we can see the fault in others so clearly, but when we are grazing the outer surface of our selves we fail to see what’s going on deep inside our hearts.

Here recently I watched a person special to me have to learn a life lesson the hard way.  I knew for certain it was not the time for me to step in, take over, and resolve the issues for her. (This in itself is difficult to master, not butting in!)

I could see her side of the unresolved conflict but at the same time I could see the other persons side of the discruntlement as well. 

As I was reflecting on the whole situation as I was gathering my clean clothes and placing them into the dryer it accured to me that both of my special people were wearing selfish sunglasses. They were both so blinded by their own opinions and feelings, they couldn’t come to any sorts of peace because they each felt justified to their own feelings of who was right and who was wrong. 

Why are we so quick to only see our side of the story and believe that at all costs our feelings are more important then the others involved. Especially when half the time deception is at play, blurring the truth hidden deep inside the argument. 

I instantaneously thought about Jesus. His word demands us to be quick to listen, slow to anger and wrath. Quick to listen to what? The replay of emotional thoughts that are shouting out to us, this isn’t your fault, can you believe they treat you this way, no one cares about how you feel, or You are totally right and they are completely wrong. 

I think he means be quick to listen to his truth. Quick to understand that we may actually be wrong. Quick to hear selfishness over flood our hearts and burst out in anger. 

Jesus sees the truth in all of us always. He is never deceived about our hearts or our motives. He never has his selfish sunglasses on, blinding him from what is going on deep inside of us and not on the surface. I praise him and thank him for this truth. How could grace not be real if this is they key to loving us perfectly? 

How many times have I failed to love imperfectly. I couldn’t even count them on all 10 fingers and 10 toes! 

As for my special friend, I know all in good time when she cools off and this blows over she will be ready to receive this truth. Until that moment I count it as a life lesson for myself to better understand that I am a selfish person, and when conflicts arrive I need to be quick to get my facts straight before I place my selfish shades on that conceal the truth of what is actually the underlining reason for the conflict. 

Sunglasses conceal the radiance and the full brightness of the sun, our selfish sunglasses darken the truth and covers love, leaving us brusting out the seams with not so glamorous  pride. 

Leigh Leigh

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