My Monday, My Choice

 monday, blues, attitude, choices 
Countless “Go Away Monday” meme’s can be spied on social media! 

This morning a reminder came spewing out of my this morning to my two younger children as I was dropping them off in the car line at school.

“It’s Monday and that’s okay, Monday’s can be happy! Happy is a choice, a good attitude is a choice. So just choose to be happy and keep a good attitude no matter what comes your way today!”

I should have known that was going to be an indication of what was to come for me as well! I have been awake since 5:45am and I can promise you I have already encountered 3 happy attitude snipers!!!! 

Be intentionally about having a good attitude knowing full well there is a possibility of a happy attitude sniper on the Horizon. 

God is good! He loves me, and I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams! 

And so are you!


Let’s keep our Good Attitudes towards Monday a rolling forward! 

Leigh Leigh 

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