What the Blank?


Fill in the BLANK.

I AM ________!

I like to keep my nose in a book, partly because I am a book nerd at heart, and partly because I am always searching for answers.

Steven Furtick’s UNQUALIFIED has really opened my eyes to the truth that what I think about myself should be a reflection of what God thinks of me. My thoughts should be aligned with His. Unfortunately most days they are not. I was created in God’s image, and I was fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderfully not horribly!

Blogging seems to keep me grounded. I may have a gift to encourage others, but frankly I am the one who needs some encouragement. My post about beauty, self acceptance, discipline, self control, these are all areas I struggle with myself.

Do you struggle with trying to find yourself, your identity, your balance, your real self?

I am 30 and there are times in my life I still feel like I am 14 searching for self acceptance, but lately I have been encouraged not to focus on all the things I lack.

You know the I AM NOTS!

I AM not skinny enough…

I AM not pretty enough…

I AM not good enough…

I AM not positive enough…

The comparisons


She has gorgeous hair, can rock a bikini after 3 kids, perfect eye brows, perfect manicured nails, has the spotless house, has it ALL together, ALL the patience in the world, the perfect husband, the perfect life..

I want to focus on just being ME and what that really means.

I AM ______!

ME. I don’t want to be like YOU!

If you struggle in this areas of self acceptance will you join me in just taking some time today to really stop the negative talk, the hurtful chatter, listening to the lies of Satan, bombarding us both day in and day out, and just really focus on being YOU?

TODAY I AM GOOFY! How about you?

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Leigh Leigh

We can’t see the good if we are only seeking the imperfections we don’t like.


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