The Ugly Truth about Empty Calories

Although they taste Delicious…Mostly… They are NOT GOOD FOR YOU!


Stay away from EMPTY CALORIES!!!!!

Empty calorie foods and drinks are foods and drinks that contain high calories with little or NO nutrients at all. They are made up out of processed carbs, ethanol (alcohol), loads of sugar, bad fats and oil! Sodas, cakes, cookies, chips, candy, pastries, processed sugar snacks, alcohol beverages, some condiments like syrups, mayonnaise sports drinks, punches, whole milk, frozen milk, fast food, crackers, frozen foods, microwave popcorn,  etc.. There are also empty calorie foods that do have amounts of nutrients in them, but the number of empty calories is so high that it doesn’t make it any healthier for you. This would be your ground beefs, fried chicken, etc.

Especially if you are active and you are trying to count calories, you want to avoid these empty calories as your body is craving nutrients not just food to fill you up! I have been learning this the hard way. This happens to be the reason why I have been researching on the matter. I am so hungry in between meals that I am grabbing empty calories thinking that the calories count toward my total for the day, meanwhile I am not satisfied because I am still starving!



Instead of empty calories snacks aka junk food, I will be carrying around protein packed almonds and string cheese.

You don’t have to swear off empty calorie foods for life, just be smart and eat and drink in moderation. Obviously if your daily diet just contains empty calorie foods you are never going to drop those pounds you are wanting to!

Burpees (2)

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, making healthy eating choices, and finding ways to stay active!

* I did my empty calorie research on and

Smart Calorie on!

Leigh Leigh


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