Let it Go!

Control your temper, for anger labels you a fool.

 Ecclesiastes 7:9
You know it’s going to be a challenging day when you are wronged within the first hour of being a wake on a rainy Monday morning. #roadrage in the preschool car drop off line seems ridiculous until your the victim of an offense. A cut off offense. This same car has repeated this offense several times before in the past to other parents dropping off. I have witnessed this reckless act several times. 

I wish I could tell you after being cut off and almost cut out of the merging line I used this opportunity as a teaching moment to show my littles how we can practice grace in the ordinary moments of life, but I fell short and did the complete opposite. I felt the anger bubbling up. I was livid.

That cut off was just a blunt reminder of all the wrongs that have kept me silent in my life. If only I could just react back ugly the way these selfish people do. But for what? Why do I get so angry and want to replace vengeance with grace? When I let my anger control my feelings my actions that follow are always regretted once the anger fog clears. 

Lord help me to always be quick to stop and pray for peace the moment anger attacks my heart. I so do not want to let my anger cause me to look like a fool! Help me to remember that I am not perfect and there are times I may have cut people off unconsciously and caused them anger. I ask for forgiveness of the wrongs I have done to others. 

What helps you to flip your anger to grace? 

Leigh Leigh


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