A Mothers Contentment

As I lay here in my bed nestled up to my sound sleeping husband and our half conscious Sphynx kitty cat ( Thaddeus) who has now awaken and moved over to me to bury his body under my left arm as I type away on my iPhone, I can’t help but wish this day didn’t have to end.

Nothing astronomical happened today. I didn’t win the lottery, glance out to see my dream car barracuda awaiting my surprised and excited welcome to the driver set. I did however receive some good news from my sweet husband that can’t go unsaid, but besides this awesome awaited news, today was pretty ordinary.

Ordinary days are the days I seem to love the most. It was more of a blah day. I didn’t rush around like a mad Momma to get everything taken care of like I should have. I coasted, relaxed, listened to good conversations my children were having with each other. I prepared dinner and just hung out with my husband. Things I do daily just at a much crazy rushed pace.

It was a good day. My almost teen daughter shared with me some of her struggles and events coming up with school. My youngest snuggled up to share with me her bed time prayers before she hurried off to bed to have Daddy’s turn to tuck them all in. My oldest boy was home late after football practice so we didn’t talk much, but did get to visit in the wee early hours this morning as I dropped him off to school! My younger son shared some of his school day with me and wanted to show off his awesome bike skills for us this afternoon.

We, my husband and I, realized we are expecting.. Tomatoes that is on our tomato plant! Haha We have so graciously waited and hoped we would see a harvest of our sowing some months back! It appears we managed to keep the tomato plant alive in this scorching Texas summer heat.
Go us!!

Yes today was a good day! It was just an ordinary day, so why am I laying here wide awake wishing I could freeze time in this moment of my life a little bit longer!

Call me crazy but I believe it’s in these moments when we stand still and relax and allow ourselves just “to be” we are the most content and joyful.

I don’t need anything new and fancy, exciting and extraordinary to happen to me or to us to change how I feel or view the value of my day. In this moment I am so thankful and blessed to be in the place God has planted me in this beautiful season of my life.

My prayer is for my friends out there to have a day where they are fully content doing nothing but just living and enjoying their day. Breathing in life now deeply and exhaling the peace, love, joy, and the beauty in it all.

I guess all good things must come to an end sadly, but I’m glad I have this moment! I will keep it close to my heart for the harder days that may find me and remind myself that these happy content days do exist and they will find me again!

He is with us, always!

Leigh Leigh

4 thoughts on “A Mothers Contentment

    1. Haha! Sorry but the baby ship has sailed many years ago :0)

      We were so excited about those three baby tomatoes! It’s been a looooong wait!

      Thank you! It was! Sometimes I just wish we didn’t have to go to sleep and start a new day, other times I am thankful for a second chance! It’s all about God’s loving grace each day!


  1. Good stuff Ash! I wish more of us, would just stop striving to keep the pace with worldy things and just feel blessed with the simple things in life. ..God is good and his beauty is incomparable! Mom


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