A Mom Who Wants To Be More

If I could bottle up the wisdom that comes with being a little innocent child I would! To be an adult and look at life through the lenses of my daughter at her ripe age of 4, I could learn so much!

She sees the world in ways my jaded heart just can’t perceive. It’s her blank canvas. She is the paint brush as she grabs a hold of everything vibrant, bold, and colorful to leave her mark in this world!


She inspires me each day to just be the creature God created me to be. Unique and one of a kind!

I think I read a quote some where a long time ago that said, “Be an original, not a copy.” I think that’s what God intended us to be. Our own unique one of a kind being that he created that way on purpose. It is so the world can see his glory and his imagination, his creativity.

I love the way she dresses herself! She hardly ever matches.

I love the way she has no care in the world that half her pony tail has been unraveled and hanging from one side of her head for the whole entire day.

I love how she can wear a jacket, shorts, and rain boots when it’s 86 degrees outside with no clouds in sight!

I love how she can tell me what’s on her mind uncensored but sincere.

She is always smiling and always being silly. Nothing she does ever surprises me!

Just today she came running over to the neighbors to show us her face which was completely covered in burgundy lipstick! “Oh Kenna,” I said, “we have got to wash that off before it breaks your face out into a rash!!”

I giggle with fascination that she has both me and her Daddy’s best characteristics (looks and personalities) but she is also just her own self, Kenna!

God please let me live with a heart and a mind like hers. Help me to accept and love myself and be the person you created me to be. Let me truly know and believe that my worth and security comes from no where, no place, and no one person’s opinions of me, but just you!

The world is a cruel, harsh, non-accepting place, but only we can imprison ourselves to be held captive in that brash reality.

Here is to holding onto that freedom we receive in Christ to just be who we are and want to be!

I think being a Mother is a beautiful gift. We have so much responsibility and freedom to raise our children how we see fit. The more I mature and grow in wisdom the more I start to see the purpose of Motherhood. Yes we absolutely have to nurture and provided the needs of our children. They need to be healthy and loved, but I want to be more then just a mom who provides a yummy home cooked meal on the table each night, a mom who washes their clothes, cleans up after their messes, taxies them to and from, cheers them on, bandages and doctors their boo boos, helps mend broken hearts from unforgiving statements made by so called friends.


I want most of all to leave the impression on them that they are loved, not only by their Mommy and Daddy but by Christ. I want them to love themselves and be confident in who God created them to be. I want them to believe in themselves, their abilities and God given talents and gifts. I want to do this by believing in these truths for myself, loving myself and growing in my relationship with Christ so that his love and truths would flow through me and onto them, living and leading by example.

Your children will learn about your insecurities by the way you talk about yourself In front of them. They will start to believe that because they are your child they automatically will inherit these flaws as well.

I want to tell my daughter that she is perfect in my eyes. She has the best style and the sweetest words on the hardest mommy moment days.

Stay innocent and precious and strong headed. Don’t let the lies of this world tell you aren’t good enough, smart enough, fashionable enough, skinny enough, tall enough, creative enough, strong enough, etc..

You are the perfection of His Creation.

Found on lovelyfestevents.com
Found on lovelyfestevents.com



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