7 Reasons why your New Year Resolutions Fail


#1 You are just not that serious about it. Well you were in that moment when you were caught up in the whirl wind of the ideal of accomplishing something spectacular this new year. You were pumped and excited and feeling like Super Woman!

#2 You are being deceived. Your inner demons are chattering away a million reasons every second of the day as to why you are not going to succeed.

#3 You are Lazy.

#4 Your adult ADD has kicked into high gear and you have completely lost interest, however you are already dreaming up a new resolution you are sure to follow. 

#5 You are a procrastinator! I have 12 months to see this goal through. I will start again in March, May, October…..umm next year!?

#6 You are impatient. If you are trying to change your body or eating habits, the results are just not fast enough! Changing your eating habits will not help you lose 20 plus pounds in two weeks.

#7 You have a million Excuses: not enough time, not enough dedication, not enough motivation. I have 10 kids, 2 jobs, etc…

Read my no excuses post here.

Did you notice the common denominator in all the reasons? They all begin with YOU!

Don’t let YOU DEFEAT YOU!!


Have patience, ignore the doubts, don’t give up, be dedicated, keep your faith, and find ways to enjoy your new journey along the way!



Leigh Leigh

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