Your not so sweet after all!


Sugar is sweet, milk isn’t! (No use crying over spilt milk)
As I was getting my groceries out last night a busted sugar bag began spewing its sweetness all over my truck, our street, and yes even into my socks inside my shoes! I ended up leaving a sugar trail to my kitchen counter. Sugar all over the place!
 “We have a spill on isle LIFE People, a spill on isle LIFE!”               
It put into perspective how even sweet things we love that mean no harm can turn into a messy disaster we are left to clean up in seconds.
Sugar is sweet and helps create some awesome tastebud worshiping treats, but having it explode all over everything isn’t something that taste good or makes me happy! I had sugar on the bottom of my feet and that just feels super gross y’all! 
Thank you God for a new perspective of good things that can lead to a bad situation. 

Thank you for reminding me that when your answer is a NO to something that I really want and ask for because I think it’s “sweet” and “good,” it’s because you have my best interest in heart avoiding me a nasty and not so fun clean up down the road! 
I praise you for this Lord!
-Leigh Leigh

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