Time of Reflection

The moments that bring us to a stand still are our opportunities to reflect where we are on our journey through life.

Trapped indoors on a rainy day.

Time to slow down and observe what is going on.

If nothing is broke don’t fix it.

If nothing is complete don’t force it.

Let it all be what it will be,

and be free of discontent.

God has got you this far, he hasn’t forgotten you, he will not leave you stuck, difficult times shall soon be a distant memory.

Maybe, just maybe He has you here to:

Love in the moment.

Live in the moment.  

Sing in the rain. 

Jump in mud puddles.

Soak up this beautiful wonderful thing we call life.

Rainy days or sunny days, soak it up, the rain and the rays.

 Absorb life. Be alive. Love others.

In all things, be thankful, be graceful


leigh leigh