Zumba with girlfriends

I am so excited this morning! Four girlfriends and I are going to go take on Zumba with a fierce vengeance! One of them is a Zumba newbie!! We will shake it, swing it, roll it, and sweat what motherhood has graciously given us off! I can promise you we will not be in sync, nor will we be ready to join the So you think you can dance cast, but we will laugh and we will have fun!

Nothing motivates you more then a friend! If you are too afraid to start something new, just drag a friend along with you!

I love these girls!

It’s Friday!!
-Leigh Leigh

BEWARE…Trap straight ahead

Yes you can count on it! If you start to become self centered or self absorbed, you will fall into the trap of SELF PITY!


The Self pity trap, we have all been there and been caught in that! Well, at least I know I have been. It’s actually quiet embarrassing to admit when we are snatched up in it, but thankfully I realized today that I had fallen and I needed some help getting out! I can’t even believe I let myself fall into it in the first place. Self pity doesn’t tend to be a little hole, nope its usually more like a gigantic crater we get stuck in and we never know for sure how to get out of it because its so big and monstrous in size we don’t realize we fell in to begin with.

Let me be a little more specific. It all happened about a few weeks ago. Well let’s back up to Easter. I was on a really good work out regimen, I was very strict with my eating and the inches were falling off. I was running daily and felt very good.  My husband took a leave of absence from his job, and I started back full time at my part time job. My life was completely thrown out of my regular routine and it completely through me for a loop! I lost my motivation to stick to my diet, I lost my self control, I lost my discipline! I did however continue to work out as much as I could! The scale started going up, and my self esteem started crashing down. My jeans felt a little more snug. I also have a extremely bad habit of stress eating. I was stressing because I was trying to juggle it all with he husband home. Who knows how much stuff really gets completed when the husband is home!?  Yeah, that is right, nothing!! 🙂 I am not complaining though, I have loved every extra minuet I have spent with him over the last month!




The words coming out of my mouth were harsh and criticizing about myself, and I had finally had ENOUGH of my own self. I’m sharing this all with you to help you dig yourself out of the hole you might have accidentally fallen into as well! So here we go. Let’s dig out together!






Tips to climb out of the monster hole of SELF PITY:

  1. Take a moment to put YOURSELF in CHECK!!! It sounds a little something like this, “Girl I don’t know who you think you are, but seriously, you really need to get over yourself! All we have thought about lately is you, you, you. I look fat, I don’t feel good, I am a loser for quitting, I always quit, I just can’t do anything right, I have no self control, whaa, whaa, whaa!” Repeat after me, “THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND ME !”
  2. Have a come to Jesus talk. When I have a come to Jesus talk mine start off like this, “Dear Lord, please forgive me for being so negative and critical of myself lately. I know it has turned into self pity and I know that you do not want me stuck in that self destructive mind set….etc…” Talk to Jesus and let him know that you are struggling right now and that you need his help. Self control is a fruit of the spirit, just start watering that seed that you already have inside your soul! You are not a loser, you are a child of the ALL MIGHTY and everything he makes is GOOD! Confess out loud that you are an overcomer and you will rise above this self centeredness, self doubt, and self pity. Remember you can do all things through Christ who gives your strength. (Confess that out loud as well.)
  3. Forgive yourself and move forward. I may have skipped out on morning runs and made choices to eat everything in sight, but it stops right now. I am consciously aware that I have a self centered problem which leads to self pity and I will not be stuck in that mind set any second longer.
  4. Don’t forget self pity is a trap that Satan uses to keep you down and insecure which makes you powerless and useless in God’s Kingdom. You do not have to be insecure, because you are a child of God and you do have the power given to you by the Holy Spirit to say, “Get the behind me Satan your sorry lies will not take up residence in my mind any longer!”

Psalm 51:12 ESV

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.


Self pity steals your beauty and it starts to make you ugly, but it starts from the inside and transfers it’s way to the outside. Joy will come back to you if you are willing to dig yourself out!




Leigh Leigh


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20 fun facts about Me

  1. I am fixing to turn 29 on May 29th!
  2. I am obsessed with swans, peacocks, and flamingos.
  3. I am the oldest of five daughters.
  4. I am super scared of severe thunderstorms.
  5. I own a sphinx cat named Thaddeus, whom I adore.
  6. I keep a journal to process my thoughts and emotions.
  7. I hope to own a beach house one day.
  8. I have a love/hate relationship with running.
  9. I love to cook and bake.
  10. I just recently started to wear less makeup in my older age.
  11. I tend to start multiple projects at one time and get frustrated when I can’t focus on one.
  12. In just a few months, I will be married to my husband for 9 years.
  13. I like to read a good book before I fall asleep at night.
  14. I have a tendency of killing any pet fish, including fish that are not my own!!
  15. I am SUPER competitive.
  16. I still have never had a pedicure! lol
  17. I dream of writing a book one day!
  18. Crickets, Grasshoppers, and snakes, make my skin crawl.
  19. I like to randomly take men’s hats off to see if they are bawled.
  20. I prefer lukewarm water versus scalding hot water in the shower.

My favorite Protein Bar at the moment



I am super busy juggling five kids, one husband, and teaching a preschool class. With that said, I am really bad about impulse eating, this gets me in trouble! I recently found this amazing low carb, gluten free protein bar that I just had to share with you!! This bar is perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch paired with a piece of fruit such as a banana, or a quick in between meal snack. I have also used these to supplement cookies and sweets. I guess you could say it is my guilt free indulgence if you will.  With 20 grams of protein, no sugar added, and only 2-6 net carbs, this baby rocks!! I am currently in love with the chocolate chip cookie dough bar and the double chocolate chunk bar. The questbar impresses me because of its soft chewy texture. I have tried cinnamon roll, cookies and cream, chocolate brownie. I haven’t tasted one that I wanted to spit out yet!! 


photo 3 (3)




photo 2 (5)


They have a huge variety of flavors at your local GNC shop. I have just found one flavor at the HEBPLUS up the road, double chocolate chunk. I throw these babies in my gym bag, lunch box, and purse. I never know when hunger is going to strike, and I need to be prepared to make a healthy choice and not a fast convenient not so healthy choice I will regret later!


*I was not paid for this opinion of my love for these bars. 😉


Quest on,

Leigh Leigh

My secret formula to a healtheir You




It’s Monday! The children are back in school, your husband back at work and the promises of a new start to a new work week is now your current reality. The only person that will get in the way today of your goals will be You!

5:45am my alarm clock welcomes the new day as I rub the sleepies out of my eyes and grab for my phone. My alarm clock happens to be on my phone so, therefore, I have to grab my phone first thing to quiet the annoying sound that interrupts such beauty sleep. I am definitely a creature of habit, by default I press snooze, in fear I might accidently fall back to sleep, then I open my bible app and read what the verse of the day is. I have been dealing with a little bit of anxiety lately so when I scrolled down and read anxiety in Psalm 94, I decided I would just check the whole chapter out. There it was in bold print the words I needed to hear on this beautiful Monday…..”Blessed is the one you discipline, Lord…….” I was super encouraged. I roll out of bed and head to the kitchen to prepare my children’s lunches for school. I kept repeating to myself blessed is the one who is disciplined, yes blessed is the one you discipline, Lord! How great this would be for me to just post all over my food pantry, my refrigerator, my car, my bathroom mirror. If I was going to start this Monday back on track with my eating habits then I would have to plug into the promises of God’s word. Discipline is something that does not come easy for me. In fact, I am the silly girl who will make up weird challenges and with hold certain things in my life for a month at a time just to practice self control.

msgdoor             fridge



I lift weights with my husband on average of five days a week. This is something I have enjoyed participating with him for about five years now. You never really have to beg me to go work out. I LOVE putting on the work out clothes and heading to the gym to pump some iron. I actually look forward to this during my day. If only I could be as excited about my diet and motivated about my food choices. Once I get momentum I can eventually do well with my eating habits, it is always that first initial kick start that is very daunting! I love CARBS and I love CHOCOLATE. Saying no to a warm gooey brownie may be nothing for you to, but it just about KILLS my me to say NO! My love for chocolate and brownies is that deep! It reminds me of a poem I read in grade school about a little girl named Abigail who told her parents that if they didn’t buy her the pony she wanted she would die. Okay, maybe not to death extremes, but you get the picture I am trying to paint here! When I focus on weight loss I don’t concentrate too hard on the numbers on the scale, I like to actually focus on inches lost. The scale can be a big discourager for me as I may have gained muscle mass and lost body fat that week, but because it tattle tails that I went up two pounds, here ushers thoughts of defeat and all other sorts of nonsense I could really live with out in that moment of  my vulnerability to give up.

I am no fitness pro or nutritionist, but this is my secret formula I like to live by when I get serious about changing my body.

Cardio 30-60 minuets a day + weight lifting targeted on one body part a day; post work out protein shake +  3 low carb/high protein meal choices + 2 “good- fats”, low carb snacks +1 awesome cardio music play list + water, water, water + patience and time (a good month) +hard work + self control+ lots of discipline= positive body change results and healthier me; aka, one Happy Gal!


Today is Monday and my mind is made up! I will not let this day disappear into the night with feelings of regret. My goal is to stay on track with clean eating food choices. I would also like to drop body fat to appear more lean and cut.

This is how I reach my goals:

  • I will seek the Lord’s help through prayer in all areas of my life that I need help with discipline, including self control and resisting temptation.
  • I will post my cute notes I have hand written to remind me that I am blessed when I am disciplined as a reminder to keep asking for his strength when temptation of bad food choices or laziness comes my way.
  • I will say no to the junk I have been eating for a month now and yes to better food choices!
  • I will ask my husband to help keep me accountable of my food choices while dinning in or eating out.
  • I will make my way to the gym and give it my all during my work out while enjoying my time with my favorite hot work out partner, my husband!
  • I will invite my girlfriends to zumba classes for cardio.
  • I will run/walk 30 minuets, 5 days a week.
  • I will give thanks to the Lord for all my success along the way.
  • I will rest my head each night on my pillow with feelings of excitement, success, and satisfaction of my good choices made; no regrets!!
  • I will extend grace, love, and forgiveness to myself on days that I fall short of my own expectations.
  • I will repeat the steps above each day following, knowing that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!


chest chest2


“You were not meant to do what’s easy, you were designed to challenge yourself!”– Justin Timberlake

My challenge will be to starve this monster called “My cycle of self defeat.”

How will you challenge yourself on this Monday!?

What does your formula for a healthier body look like? Please comment below and share!


Leigh Leigh



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Confession of a tattoo sleeved Mom

tattoo Mom, Peacock sleeve, tattoo

I confess that I was really afraid to become a sleeved Momma!

I would like to think that when you have your first child your identity of yourself transforms into one huge bubble that separates itself into two halves, the identity of yourself and the identity of their Mother.

Deciding on a tattoo sleeve took me a good two years. First I had to come up with a design , and second I had to really be for sure I really wanted to commit to permanent skin art for the rest of my life.

I remember all the areas of judgment I would struggle with every time I seriously thought about the consequences of my decision. My first initial struggle was what will my family think? I grew up in a small town in Texas where any tattoo any where was looked upon in a negative manner. I quickly put aside this fear. After all I was a grown woman! The Harsh judgments of other women, men, friends, people I knew, and strangers. I worried about my witness to others in my walk of faith. I read through my bible and discovered a few scriptures that gave me peace. I know in my heart that God doesn’t judge the outward appearance but the heart of a man/woman. I prayed about my wants and desires several times. I began to believe that if the art itself wasn’t leading someone to the evil dark side, then it would just be beautiful art on my body. Obviously being  mature in my faith and getting a pitchfork and the words “born to raise hell” tattooed on my body would definitely be a stumbling long block to a new believer. It would also go against every fiber of my character as a woman after God’s on heart. ❤

For me the most difficult struggle that seemed to be the hardest to just overcome was my children.
What would they think?
Would I be an embarrassment to them?
Would their friends parents misjudge me and then not allow their kids to hang out with mine?
This was a hard pill to swallow and I really tried to patiently deal and come to grips with all these insecurities I had about becoming a sleeved Mom.  (Now I do have to interject here that my husband has a sleeve on his right arm and has had it since our son was about 3 years old.)

More months went by and more time was spent on making a decision. I finally realized that I really did want this tattoo sleeve for me. I had my reasons and meaning behind the sleeve design, which is of a beautiful peacock. I knew I had to do this now or I would regret it later in life. So I talked it over with my children. I wanted to hear their thoughts and let them know that their opinions did mater to me. The decision was finally made and the first appointment was booked!

For me personally this sleeve represents the beauty of FREEDOM! More importantly for me, the freedom I receive in Christ by his abundant mercy, grace, and love. I am free to be me and you are free to be you. I also like to think of it as being an example to my children to be free and be strong, stand up for what you believe in, and just simply be who you are. Don’t settle, don’t mock, don’t be a copy, BE AN ORIGINAL!

It may not be as drastic as a huge tattoo for you, but whatever piece of you that is just screaming to come out of inside the MOM shell you hold together so well, embrace it and let it shine through the Mom shell. Trust me you are doing yourself, your children, your spouse no favor by holding back who you are in the other half of that identity bubble. You are cheating them out of a wonderful, creative, fun MOM and wife!! We are all way too harsh and critical of ourselves. We hide behind those FEARS of cruel and harsh judgments we think other woman are thinking about us. I bet you that there are a lot of women out there who hold back just because of these fears, which are just false evidence appearing real. Who cares anyways what others think?

What better day, then on Mother’s Day to reflect on your MOM bubble and figure out how to pop the line of separation of being you, and being their mom! BE you, Be BEAUTIFUL!


Peacock sleeve tattoo







*I did explain to my children after each ink session how much it hurts and that they really do not need to consider getting ink until they are almost 30 ;0) if that is something they choose to do!!!

Peacock sleeve




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She doesn’t know why she doesn’t love herself

She is driving a minivan full of children to school, sorting laundry, filing reports behind a desk, listening to mindless chatter from her girlfriends, taking orders, reading food labels as she grocery shops. She is behind the voice you hear on the phone, she is in the cosmetics department glancing at all the beauty products on the shelf, reading all the promises the product will make her feel if she uses it. But, she is empty inside and she doesn’t know why? You see her everyday, you both make small talk and continue about your way. She has a dirty little secret, the same one a lot of us hide. She doesn’t really love herself and she doesn’t even know why.

Maybe it’s that she has always been told she has a wide bottom, her legs are too short, chest too flat, nose is too long, and that beauty mole that came from grandma does not make her feel beautiful at all. It has to be the dimples in her thunder thighs, her super stringy hair, acne on her checks, forehead wrinkles that are growing ever deeper. Surely she must know that this is all outward appearance stuff that pertains nothing to her heart, her soul!  But she hasn’t the faintest clue. That’s because she hasn’t discovered what true love really is.

Think of it like this. For me, growing up what my Mother said was pretty on me, I believed. She was my very first beauty and fashion expert. Even to this day as a 29 year old woman I still call my Mother and ask her what hair color looks best on me. Why do I do this? Because she is my Mom, the woman who nurtured and raised me, and the only one who will tell me the brutal truth when I ask of her opinion or advise without crushing my ego. Mother always knows best and I trust that she would never tell anything to make me, her baby girl, look or feel ugly!!

I truly believe this is how I should look to my heavenly father as well. If you think your Mother favors you, can you imagine how much God favors and adores you?! After all, He is my creator who knows me better then dear mom or myself. I know that he would never want me, his perfect creation, to feel ugly, unworthy, and unloved, just like my Mom.

1 John 4:19

“We love because he first loved us.”

God loved you so much that he gave his one and only son that whoever shall believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life. We also know that that there is no greater love then to lay down ones life for one’s friend. John 15:13 ( I know he calls me friend see John 15:15) Jesus came into the world to save his people who where separated from God because of their sin. He sacrificed his life for me. He died so that I may be forgiven of my sin, free from the slavery of my sin, and made me holy and righteous by his blood! He loved me before I was conceived in my mothers womb, and he will never stop loving me. His love never fails, it never gives up, and it never runs out on me. His mercy and grace are new to me every morning. He thinks I am precious in his sight, worth saving, worth dying for, worth rescuing, worth healing, worth forgiving on a second by second daily basis.

When I keep my eyes fixed upon him and his love for me, I can love myself. Why? Because I know he first loved me!

We gain confidence when we believe someone does love us and accepts us flaws and all, we can start to embrace that security and love and accept ourselves. We can do this with the power of the holy spirit’s help through our prayers. We can always ask God to let us see ourselves the way he sees us. We can ask for help with self control, you know one of the fruits of the spirit we have as believer in him. Start soul searching, praying, asking God to reveal how beautiful and perfect you are in his sight. Meditate on his words and scriptures about his love for you daily.  If  you are really struggling with inward or outward beauty right now, I urge you to write down on sticky notes these scriptures you find and post them on your bathroom mirror, or stuff them in your purse. Sometimes we just need to be reminded a little more then others! These words that you mediate on are called words of truth. God can not lie and he will not lie to you. Words of criticism and negativity are just whisper’s of Satan.

God loves you so much, he created the beautiful Woman you are inside and out. He loves you on your worst days, he loves you on your best days. He never stops loving us. Even on our ugliest days he is here patiently waiting for us to seek him for his love and assurance. I am sure the last thing he wants is to see you, his child, walking around not loving yourself so Knock it OFF!! 🙂

Love yourself because HE first loved you….and he still loves you!

She doesn’t know why she doesn’t love herself …………..because she doesn’t know how loved she is.

What are the lies that Satan whispers to you about yourself? What encourages you to love yourself more? Please share, I would love to know!


Leigh Leigh

Body after baby…

Motherhood came quickly for me. I was 20 years old when I said, “I do” to my dear husband almost 9 years ago.  I became instamom and we became an instafamily. Being that young and entering into the whole momma role I decided I didn’t want to wait to have our children. I was 21 when we welcomed my now 7 year old son, and I was 24 when we welcomed my now 4 year old daughter.

In high school I could not gain weight to save my life. I was extremely skinny. Would I give anything now to have that metabolism. My husband says it all the time, “Youth is wasted on the young!” Ha Boy is he never lying. I never was one to work out or even consider myself a gym person. In high school I participated in the athletics program. So whatever the coaches had planned for our daily regimen, I did. That was the extent of my athleticism. Looking back now at old pictures, it’s hard to remember who I was back then. I had gained a lot of weight with each one of my babies. I was the nerd who believed you should eat for two and so I did. I went from 135-170lbs! Nursing them both always sucked the weight off very quickly after my pregnancies, but my body would never be the same in my eyes, and I became depressed.

Here is ME about to pop November 2009.

photo 1 (1) photo (4)


My dear husband joined a local gym when we moved and got settled into our new town. He worked out during both of my pregnancies. So as I got bigger, he got buffer! :0) I am not sure how exactly he talked me into going to the  gym with him, but he did. I started working out, (weight training) religiously after my baby girl turned 6 months old. I will most definitely blog about the benefits of working out with your spouse another time. I haven’t looked back since then, and I don’t ever plan on it. I  began to discover who I wanted to be through working out and making healthy eating choices. I was taking back my identity and I happened to really enjoy myself. We should all strive to be our own best friend because lets just face it, we can never escape ourselves. There is no other self gratifying feeling then to watch your body change because of the hard work , healthy choices, time, dedication, You invested in yourself.

I’m not suggesting that you take this to the extreme and become obsessed with yourself or start thinking all high and mighty about how you are better then others. Absolutely not! But taking the time to love yourself for who you are, the person whom God created , and what you want to become will challenge you. It will shape you and it will mold you into a better person.

Jesus answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’[a]; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. Luke 10:27

I think this is a huge piece of the puzzle to that very important command. (as you love yourself)

How much you love yourself will reflect on how much you love others! WOW I believe having a positive and healthy self image is extremely important as well. Just on that point alone I could blog for a hours, but I wont today. I will save all these other important beliefs in upcoming blogs.

Instead, I will leave you with this question, how are you loving yourself today?

Are you saying kind things about yourself or constantly tearing yourself down with your own ugly words of criticism? Remember how you are loving yourself should be the same way you are loving others! I lost sight of loving myself after raising my small babies. Don’t let motherhood hold you back from working out and reaching personal goals. You don’t have to do it by yourself either. Include your spouse and your littles!


Leigh Leigh


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*gotta love those bathroom selfies 😉

photo 1 (2) photo (5)

Toddler Busy Bag Fun

Toddler busy bag

 This morning was our last MOPS meeting until the fall. 😦 MOPS for those who are just now hearing this name for the first time stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. If you are a stay at home Mom, I urge you to look up MOPS groups in your area. It is a wonderful program for Mothers of preschoolers to engage with other moms and form new friendships and bonds with other Moms. Our MOPS group meets the first Monday of the month starting in September and ending in May. Our MOPS group offers a monthly meeting, a scheduled play date, somewhere fun, a moms night out, as well as a bible study each month. I joined MOPS a few years ago and met my best friends that I still have today. This group is perfect for new Mommies in town. During the monthly meetings MOPS offers MOPPETS for your preschool aged child 6 weeks-5 years of age. So while you are enjoying yummy food, crafting, fellowship, and awesome speakers who are speaking on Mother hood topics, your little(s) are busy making crafts, playing, and being loved on. Sister, you can breath and enjoy some time with out your little(s). Our MOPS monthly meetings are two hours long.

With the summer crazies quickly approaching, Our MOPS craft leader decided we needed to end with a little something to help keep boredom at bay, the TODDLER BUSY BAG! I wanted to share what I was busy making this morning. The ideas that you can come up with are unlimited. If you are a pinner then you will be able to just search toddler busy bag and I am sure a million examples will pop up.

The materials we used today were:

  • foam paper
  • felt paper
  • scissors
  • sharpie markers
  • pipe cleaners
  • colored beads
  • stick-on Velcro
  • glue gun with glue sticks

Here are some pictures of how mine turned out. I made two shape matching games and a color bead sort.

shapesmatchgame                                                                  shapesmatchgame2





I brought these home to my two 4 year old daughters and they LOVED them.

Please feel free to share with all your Mommy friends. 🙂

xOxO & God Bless

Leigh Leigh

Leigh Leigh Speaks

Nothing screams “Vulnerable” more then creating your very on blog about your life. As I sit here writing this very first blog post butterflies race about fluttering extremely fast as the letters appear on the screen. I guess this whole concept started with an email I received a few short weeks ago from a woman who was starting up a sports bottle customization company. It would appear that she had maybe got in a little over her head. I simply asked a few questions and the response that I received back rocked me. “Hi this is ######. I am a mother of four but I am running a fundraiser.” She then continued with saying that she would love to talk and see if we could together come up with some of the answers to my questions.

The passion for starting a blog has been growing for a little over a year now. I journal the old fashion way with a pen and a pretty decorative blank paged journal. If you are like me, we do all of our soul searching in the shower. As I am scrubbing my floral shampoo in my hair, day dreaming of what my blog would consist of, I heard those words come back, but they weren’t hers they were mine. Why would my blog matter? I am just a Mother of four. I immediately stopped right there in my thought and begin to cry. I had felt that inadequacy the woman had expressed in her email. That same insecurity every mom feels as she dreams up, and aspires to be something more then just their mom. It was in that moment I knew I had to bust out of my comfort shell of that silly little title “Mom of four.” Yes, it may be just a title, but it is being used in a negative manner and not the way it was intended. How many times have we thought about putting in a job application, starting a company, joining a new gym, entering into any type of competition, (cooking, sewing, crafting, painting, etc..).. all to be drowned out by the bulling of that phrase.. why would you do that your JUST a mom of 4? This bully phrase is the whisper of Satan holding us back and keeping us right were we are, in the sea of our own insecurities and comparisons.

If you are a mother of one child, you my friend are IMPORTANT. You have learned to be loving, kind, forgiving, patient, selfless, nurturing, compassionate, and wise beyond your years. You are inspiring, empowering, special, unique, quirky, one of a kind. You’ve got it! Anything you dare dream, think, hope, you can do! I have a voice and so do you! So let’s speak up sister and share the things that make us all connect and relate with one another.

Here is to stepping out of FEAR and stepping into FAITH.

Journey with me as I share my life as HIS Wife, Their Mother, My best friend, working out, staying healthy, growing in faith, and following Jesus.

Leigh Leigh


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