His Pinky Promise

  Day 3 Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines commit as to make (someone or something) obligated to do something. (I personally think of the word promise, or even better, pinky promise because once your friend said pinky promise, you knew for sure it could not be broken!) If you skim down to the transitive verb definition the … Continue reading His Pinky Promise

He > I (He must become Greater)

*image from commons.wikimedia.org   As I am diving deeper into God's word and opening my heart to God's abounding love for me these past few weeks,  I feel like I truly have discovered the meaning of John3:30. He > I It has definitely been one of those scriptures that continues to pop up continually like … Continue reading He > I (He must become Greater)

As a married woman, I am not a fan of feminism

It's all over the news, let's face it, it really isn't anything new. Women wanting to be as superior and respected as much as Men. Equal rights they call them. I am not here to criticize the women who have strong beliefs in Girl POWER, I am however going to speak out in Freedom for … Continue reading As a married woman, I am not a fan of feminism