The Flower child



Kenna, my four year old daughter, is a complete joy and blessing. She has been a go get her since birth. She is my baby out of the bunch and she has just always had this way about her that oozes free spirit. You would find her shoulder deep in side walk chalk and candy as a toddler, and now her favorite past time is collecting bugs, dead or alive, she doesn’t mind.


She enjoys the earth and all its dirt and glory, but she still loves to dress up in her princess dresses and put on make up with Momma’s high Heels.


She may be a “Classy” Flower girl, if there was ever such a thing! She has recently asked me if she could sleep in just her shorts like her brother does! Which I followed up with , “When you are an adult living on your own, you may wear whatever you would like to sleep in, but for now let’s keep the jammies on!”

I promised the kids I would take them swimming when we returned home today from Mommies work out time at the Gym. When we stepped foot in our home, I hurried to make lunches and they scrambled to find their bathing suits. Handling typical Momma pre pool responsibilities, I was the last to get my gym clothes off and get changed, and just like clock where right as I am changing my shirt, Kenna bursts into my room unannounced to announce some nonsense none the less. I really think kids just have this six sense that tells them when Mom is not available and would prefer to remain unavailable to them, you know, bathroom breaks and other sorts! 😉

“Mom!” She blurts out!

I replied with a silent, “What?”

“YOU HAVE BRAS ON?” (Not to confuse you, I am not a freak of nature that requires two, as in plural, bras on at one time, she has always called a bra a bras!)


I answered calmly, ” Well of course I do, it’s a sports bra Kenna, Mommies wear those when they work out.”


At this moment, I am completely puzzled.

“Why Kenna, Why does this bother your or concern you that I have a sports bra on? Remember I told you before all women wear them.”

I almost couldn’t contain my laughter when she responded with such horror in her voice and shock on her face.


That was the completion of that conversation. I didn’t even have the words to respond!

I have to say I still sit here giggling just as dumbfounded as I was when the words first jumped off her lips trying to figure out why on earth wearing a “bras” would make me “The Crazy Mom!”

Wasn’t the “The Crazy Mom” the Lady who goes out in public with no bra on!? 🙂

So this concludes my suspicions as to why there isn’t a shadow of the doubt, that I am absolutely raising the next Flower Child.  I sure hope this mind set of hers changes before we hit middle school, or we may just have some bumping of the heads! I have decided it is not a bad ideal to pray for grace now for the days to come with Miss Kenna!



I love that little girl to pieces! ❤


-Leigh Leigh

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