Strong is the NEW SEXY! What do you think?

Have you heard that Strong is the new Sexy!? So now days you can't even look like you just need to go eat a cheese burger anymore, you have to be buff and stacked, because strong is the new skinny! TALK ABOUT PRESSURE TO THE EGO! Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort … Continue reading Strong is the NEW SEXY! What do you think?

The Ugly Truth about Empty Calories

Although they taste Delicious...Mostly... They are NOT GOOD FOR YOU! Stay away from EMPTY CALORIES!!!!! Empty calorie foods and drinks are foods and drinks that contain high calories with little or NO nutrients at all. They are made up out of processed carbs, ethanol (alcohol), loads of sugar, bad fats and oil! Sodas, cakes, cookies, chips, candy, pastries, … Continue reading The Ugly Truth about Empty Calories

“Working Out” My Transformation Story (pics)

Good Morning on this Fabulous "Fit" Friday!! You may have already checked out my Body after Baby post, if not you should check it out now! Today I wanted to share with you how working out has changed my perspective on the way Faith operates in my life! But Before I share this with you … Continue reading “Working Out” My Transformation Story (pics)


FIRST AID SHOT THERAPY I received this First Aid Shot Therapy Liquid drinkable shot from my Influenster #SurfsUpVoxBox. Thankfully headaches are not my MENACE, but my pesky little wrist pain is. I was in the gym yesterday working on my chest, and the irritable pain that comes and goes came on strong while working out on the … Continue reading FAST PAIN RELIEF in a Drinkable SHOT

Spa Pedicure Benefits

"Good things come to those who wait." - unknown  I am a little embarrassed to admit that I am 29 year old female, who has never taken the time to pamper my self with a spa pedicure. My sweet friend, Tiffany, about had a mini heart attack when I revealed this confession to her a few weeks ago. So, this afternoon she treated me … Continue reading Spa Pedicure Benefits