“Working Out” My Transformation Story (pics)

Good Morning on this Fabulous "Fit" Friday!! You may have already checked out my Body after Baby post, if not you should check it out now! Today I wanted to share with you how working out has changed my perspective on the way Faith operates in my life! But Before I share this with you … Continue reading “Working Out” My Transformation Story (pics)

Quick Beach Wavy Hair Straight from the Bottle

Summer Friday's have this Busy Momma on the Go, Go, Go! This happens to create some serious #hairstruggles post morning work out. As you can imagine after a hour of Zumba followed by another 30 minuets of a shoulder lifting my hair is a sweaty drenched mess. A shower is a MUST! Being that my … Continue reading Quick Beach Wavy Hair Straight from the Bottle

Coconut Banana Bliss Pop Recipe

Cool, Cold, Refreshing I love Fridays!! Nothing feels better then to start your day off with some heart pumping cardio, samba dancing fun! Last night I decided to throw some ingredients together in some new pop cycle containers I purchased at our local Wal-Mart. After I got home from the gym, I was thrilled to … Continue reading Coconut Banana Bliss Pop Recipe

8 Awesome ways to CONQUER your Gym-Phobia

So, you have made up your mind, you are going to get your priorities straight and start living a more healthier life style for yourself! Awesome, and good job for you! The only problem is you are FREAKED OUT OF YOUR MIND about joining a new gym and the thought of working out alone makes you want … Continue reading 8 Awesome ways to CONQUER your Gym-Phobia

Work out hair accessory MUST have

When you walk into the gym, it is no surprise that headbands are super popular amongst the female population. They come in all widths, shapes, sizes, and colors. In my failed attempts to find the perfect headband, that actually stays in place, I now own a large collection of headbands I have absolutely no use … Continue reading Work out hair accessory MUST have