9 Things Learned from a cRAZy Busy Month #motherhoodstruggles FUNNY

To make light of the Chaotic Month of October here is an insert straight from my *TOP SECRET* Journal! 9 Things I learned from what seemed like the craziest month of my LIFE! #1 When your memory fails you, there are emails, text messages, and social media posts to retain every moment of our life! (Maybe … Continue reading 9 Things Learned from a cRAZy Busy Month #motherhoodstruggles FUNNY

My Kids are Driving ME CRAZY

Ever have one of these days where you are asking yourself this very question?   Well I have some GOOD NEWS for YOU!   🙂 You can spot children out quickly because like everything you tell them to do, they will completely ignore! (This goes especially for my 4 year olds!)   And we don't want … Continue reading My Kids are Driving ME CRAZY

When it Rains it Pours

Rain.... it's so unpredictable, uncontrollable,  and unavoidable to miss if in it's path where you are planted. Rain.....it's light, it's heavy, it comes in spurts, or buckets, falls hardily fast or softly slow. Rain....it's life giving, renewing, quenching, refreshing, full, and running over, satisfying, yielding to an abundance of growth. Leviticus 26:4 ESV Then I will give you … Continue reading When it Rains it Pours

Back to School CHAOS

Confession Alert! I am a CONTROL FREAK! Ugh, and I absolutely HATE being a "Control Freak!" My summer time routine is about to come crashing down under a title wave of BACK TO SCHOOL CHAOS! This wave will include two Sons participating in football, one daughter cheering and playing volleyball (fingers crossed), me going back … Continue reading Back to School CHAOS


#mycurrentsituation Have you ever read this hashtag; #mycurrentsituation on a friends social media sight under one of their pictures? #mycurrentsituation Her Daddy is about to have a heart attack in his new truck! I always get a good laugh out of the ones that pop up in my news feeds because like myself, most of my friends … Continue reading #mycurrentsituation