Because you know I’m all about that Work, ‘Bout that Work, no Excuses!

“For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11


If there is one thing I have learned from years of “trying” to be consciously fit and healthy is that discipline does not just happen over night!

For example.. If you are a parent you know that disciplining your children is a daily chore that continues until that day they reach adulthood!

training (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

: a process by which someone is taught the skills that are needed for an art, profession, or job

: the process by which an athlete prepares for competition by exercising, practicing, etc.

process (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

: a series of actions that produce something or that lead to a particular result

When we get down to the core meaning of the words training, and process we quickly learn this is something that happens over time!

I think this is very important and should not be over looked if you are just now starting  your journey to weight loss and changing your body. Be realistic about the choice for changing your lifestyle will cost you, but know that it will be so worth it in the end!

Expect to give up, expect to throw in the towel, expect to not get it righ , right away! Show yourself some grace and forgiveness…but never give up! Pray for strength in your weak moments.

YES Skipping the pizza buffet to eat grilled chicken and a low fat salad is hard…………………………….but over time it’s worth it.

image found on pinterest
image found on pinterest

Yes saying no to candy bars, cakes, cookies, pastas while your friends cook it up and share it…………………………..but over time it’s worth it.

Ordering Water or unsweet tea over your go to sugar loaded Dr. Pepper…………………..but over time it’s so worth it.

Yes getting out of your warm cozy bed to go sweat and run at 5:00AM  seems impossible when its 32 degrees outside………………………but over time it’s worth it!

heading out for a run on a cold day
heading out for a run on a cold day


Spending your time in the gym when you would rather be home relaxing after a hard days work feels warranted……but over time it’s worth it!

Yes after all those hours spent, sore muscles aches, annoying junk food cravings, tears because you know sometimes you are just having a bad day, sweat lost, unnecessary judgments passed from others……… will happen! You will look in the mirror and see that all your hard work, dedication, commitment, and discipline paid off BIG!

They say that people who say skinny feels better then a cupcake tastes never had a cupcake, has no clue how empowering it feels to take control of your body and not submit to a cupcake.

It’s not about how good skinny feels, its about the confidence you  gain in yourself knowing that because you decided to trust a process, believe in yourself, and work like a dog to get it done… YOU DID IT! SKINNY just happens to be one of those fruits your reaped  from your harvest you were diligently planting! 😉

photo found on pinterest
photo found on pinterest


Working out has been a life change that I didn’t get right the first time or the first 10 times. Check out my Transformation story here!



Leigh Leigh

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9 Things Learned from a cRAZy Busy Month #motherhoodstruggles FUNNY

To make light of the Chaotic Month of October here is an insert straight from my *TOP SECRET* Journal!

9 Things I learned from what seemed like the craziest month of my LIFE!

#1 When your memory fails you, there are emails, text messages, and social media posts to retain every moment of our life! (Maybe it’s not so bad for you after all to be an addict!??)


#2 When given any opportunity to sit still long enough, or lie horizontal you will fall asleep on accident and maybe even snore or drool because your body is so sleep deprived from going non stop!


#3 “Mommy Time Outs” are FOR REAL and when used in moderation (10-20 minuets after you come home from work, or just anytime in your day) will SAVE your afternoon and your SANITY!


#4 Gym stretchy leggings will become apart of your daily casual wear and you can be okay with this! Why? Well all the hours of cardio and weight lifting are sculpting some nice legs!

(sorry no selfie..will work on this though!) 😉

#5  If you ditch your make up, made up hair style, and decide to skip the contacts and wear your glasses all day including public outings, your kids will question if you are okay! (My son was very puzzled when I picked him up from school after work looking like a scrub! “Mom are you okay?”) LOL

photo 2 (29)

#6 PB&J on a tortilla is a wonderful back up sandwich when you run out of bread on a Thursday morning.


#7 There are still NO EXCUSES for MISSING morning runs! These make you feel better!

photo 1 (33)

#8 If you feed your kids cereal for DINNER (because it’s 30 minuets past their bed time due to a football game) they will announce to the world, shout it off the roof tops that you ARE “THE BEST MOM EVER!!” (I have waited my whole life for that moment-thank you cereal!) 😉


#9 If you have to skip out on laundry and cleaning up your chaotic dirty house, the mess will not disappear or disown you, it will be waiting patiently for your attention multiplying by the seconds!



WOW I feel so much more knowledged! I’m SO happy and thrilled I had to endure craziness to learn such fascinating things! 🙂




Leigh Leigh

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A Mothers Contentment

As I lay here in my bed nestled up to my sound sleeping husband and our half conscious Sphynx kitty cat ( Thaddeus) who has now awaken and moved over to me to bury his body under my left arm as I type away on my iPhone, I can’t help but wish this day didn’t have to end.

Nothing astronomical happened today. I didn’t win the lottery, glance out to see my dream car barracuda awaiting my surprised and excited welcome to the driver set. I did however receive some good news from my sweet husband that can’t go unsaid, but besides this awesome awaited news, today was pretty ordinary.

Ordinary days are the days I seem to love the most. It was more of a blah day. I didn’t rush around like a mad Momma to get everything taken care of like I should have. I coasted, relaxed, listened to good conversations my children were having with each other. I prepared dinner and just hung out with my husband. Things I do daily just at a much crazy rushed pace.

It was a good day. My almost teen daughter shared with me some of her struggles and events coming up with school. My youngest snuggled up to share with me her bed time prayers before she hurried off to bed to have Daddy’s turn to tuck them all in. My oldest boy was home late after football practice so we didn’t talk much, but did get to visit in the wee early hours this morning as I dropped him off to school! My younger son shared some of his school day with me and wanted to show off his awesome bike skills for us this afternoon.

We, my husband and I, realized we are expecting.. Tomatoes that is on our tomato plant! Haha We have so graciously waited and hoped we would see a harvest of our sowing some months back! It appears we managed to keep the tomato plant alive in this scorching Texas summer heat.
Go us!!

Yes today was a good day! It was just an ordinary day, so why am I laying here wide awake wishing I could freeze time in this moment of my life a little bit longer!

Call me crazy but I believe it’s in these moments when we stand still and relax and allow ourselves just “to be” we are the most content and joyful.

I don’t need anything new and fancy, exciting and extraordinary to happen to me or to us to change how I feel or view the value of my day. In this moment I am so thankful and blessed to be in the place God has planted me in this beautiful season of my life.

My prayer is for my friends out there to have a day where they are fully content doing nothing but just living and enjoying their day. Breathing in life now deeply and exhaling the peace, love, joy, and the beauty in it all.

I guess all good things must come to an end sadly, but I’m glad I have this moment! I will keep it close to my heart for the harder days that may find me and remind myself that these happy content days do exist and they will find me again!

He is with us, always!

Leigh Leigh

My Kids are Driving ME CRAZY

Ever have one of these days where you are asking yourself this very question?



Well I have some GOOD NEWS for YOU!




You can spot children out quickly because like everything you tell them to do, they will completely ignore! (This goes especially for my 4 year olds!)



And we don’t want to leave out the TEENAGERS and all their 5,487….(mood swing’s)



OR the Whining..




and the Tattle tailing every 5 minuets!!!


Dinner time will never be the same…



I mean seriously, I have yet to understand how a four year old can live off of lunch meat every meal….LUNCH MEAT!???????




Mommy TIME OUTS are regular part of your day and you better bet your bottom dollar you will enforce this rule..



But no matter how stressful and tired and run down they may have you feeling today, you can always guarantee some good ol’ love and hugs are in order!






And this is why we wouldn’t change a thing about motherhood!! 🙂

a mothers love sentiment


Motherhood is AWESOME!!!    🙂

drive me crazy

I hope this brought a smile to your face!


Leigh Leigh

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When it Rains it Pours

photo (31)

Rain…. it’s so unpredictable, uncontrollable,  and unavoidable to miss if in it’s path where you are planted.

Rain…’s light, it’s heavy, it comes in spurts, or buckets, falls hardily fast or softly slow.

Rain….it’s life giving, renewing, quenching, refreshing, full, and running over, satisfying, yielding to an abundance of growth.

*found on pintrest
* photo found on pintrest

Leviticus 26:4 ESV

Then I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.

As I am swimming in my very own sea of business, the rain brought relief. RELEIF! Relief of trying to be in three different places at once, the Relief of feeding my family before 8:00pm, a goal that seems so outlandishly accomplishable these days! The Relief of being a busy mother of 5 eating, sleeping, and breathing the balancing act of my children’s sports schedules, work, time with family, time with friends, alone time with my husband, time for myself, and of course exercise (my stress relief outlet).

This past month has been with out much deliverance. I have battled sickness, laid to rest a cousin of the ripe age of 18, experienced heart ache and disappointment, unwarranted DRAMA, set backs, negativity, and plenty of ADJUSTMENTS! Moments of failure and most definitely moments of being insecure in my ability to feel like I have it all under control! It has been a season of difficult times and hard lessons learned. I don’t remember feeling this down and negative in a very long time!

BUT SUDDENLY……….RAIN and lots of it!

In a mater of seconds a night that was to be completely consumed with a volleyball game, pop warner football practice and pictures, and a JV out of town football game……………..abruptly halted to rain cancelations! Completely out of my control. If losing control feels this peaceful then tonight I look up giving thanks and gratitude. Thank you for bringing rain.. peace, rest, relaxation, more time at home with my family, renewal of my energy, my mind.

Thank you Lord for reminding me that in an instant it can all change. Did the world come to an end because everything on Thursday’s agenda did not get completed? No

I am thankful for these Flash Flood Warnings and Watches. I am thankful for every inch that has fallen from the sky and every inch that is expected to fall way into the early morning hours. I am thankful for the sleepless night (last night) due to Loud out burst of Thunder and beautiful flashes of light. Waking up from a dead sleep to sit side by side with my husband in the garage as we marvel over how amazing and magnificent the lightening really is as it brighten the dark purple nights sky. It is now a memory I will hold on to forever.

This Rain has brought me back to what’s most important. Being dependent on something bigger then me, trusting that with my life, and letting go of the control.


* photo found at

As I struggle to keep my head above such active waters I surrender to you as I lay my burdens at your feet. I do trust you Lord and I know that even though the load seems to heavy to carry some days, or in my case not enough time in the day for it all, this is a season that I am in for a reason. A GOOD REASON and a prosperous reason!

We can plan out our whole lives down to the very last detail, but we are only wasting our precious time, efforts, and energy if we are not mindful to keep our relationship with Christ growing. I will admit, my mind has been distracted by life, and often times I felt my spiritual well drying up, like a withered flower on a scorching hot summer day, parched from lack of moisture.

Hosea 6:13 ESV

Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord; his going out is sure as the dawn; he will come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.”

Here is to acknowledging my dry soil, taking time to nourish it with God’s love, and expecting  lots of colorful, beautiful blooms! This rain is a reminder of God’s love for me, and his desire for me to grow in his love.

I am thankful for all the blessing’s in my life which are disguised as my children who keep me running on my toes like a crazy woman. I just don’t want to loose focus on the one who gave me those blessings! ;0) He deserves my attention, my time, my devotion, my energy, my praise, my worship!

Are you in a dry season or is this a season of overflowing rain and blessings? I would love to know! Comment below if you would like to share! 🙂


Leigh Leigh






Insecurities of writing have paralyzed my fingers from typing.

I (HEART) blogging, but these past few weeks I have been at a complete stand still.

My mind races in the middle of the night with words to tell stories, but I wake with only the remembrance of something great, yet I am just blank.

Life is shifting, creating chaos, unbalance, disorder.

I am evolving as a wife, a mother, a woman, a person.

I am a creature of habit, changes corrupts my stability.
I Love a challenge….. Bring it LIFE.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
When life gives you football games, lots and lots of football games, Cheer Loud.
When life gives you chaos, embrace a change.
When life gives you events, games, practices, appointments, deadlines, make a schedule.

found on pinterest
found on pinterest

Philippians 4:13

Leigh Leigh

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What do we want? Sleep! When do we want it?


It has been the topic of several conversations lately…SLEEP, or should I say lack there of!

We are now counting down the weeks until school starts which means waking up at the crack of dawn. BOO!! With that comes sleep adjustments or just anxiety and not being able to fall a sleep due to all the upcoming back to school chaos!

I for one have enjoyed my late night Netflix binges, but unfortunately, this must come to an end. 😦 Why? Because I am a WOMAN and if I don’t get a good 7-8 hours of sleep, I am a very easily aggravated cranky WOMAN! Going to sleep late and waking up early is not going to work at all for me. I needed a plan and I was going to have to find something to aide me in this process.

I have never been a very big hot tea drinker! I am a southern lady who LOVES her cold sweet ice tea! So when I heard about herbal hot teas I wasn’t too thrilled about the thought of actually having to drink hot tea! Seems unnatural for a TEXAS gal! I recently received some TAZO tea in a gift, which I do need to blog about here later. It’s amazing stuff that picks you up and gives you copious amounts of energy. I figured if they had tea to take you up, they would have to make tea that brings you down. So I off I went to search for sleepy tea in my local grocery store. There it was, neighbors with all the other teas.

I am a sucker for packaging. The cute little sleepy Momma Bear sold me!


Okay now that I am looking at it, maybe it’s a Daddy Bear? Either way the bear is sleeping so peacefully. I was thinking to myself, “Man that is some good stuff if she couldn’t even make it out of the recliner with out passing out!” Wait recliner? Okay I must come to grips that this must in fact be a Daddy Bear!

Here is what the box says about this tea:

Nothing promotes physical and mental well being like a restful evening. So if you’re wondering how to sleep better or just looking for something to help you unwind, try a cup of Sleepytime Extra®. This relaxing and delicious herbal tea starts with the time-honored blend of chamomile, spearmint and other soothing herbs found in our beloved Sleepytime herbal tea. We then add valerian, trusted as a natural sleep aid since the days of the Greeks and Romans because of its mild sedative properties. The result is a tea with the trusted calming effect and great taste of Sleepytime, plus just a little “extra” to help you rest.

You can get Sleepytime tea, but I went ahead and purchased Sleepytime EXTRA because, well, I really wanted this to work! I Didn’t want to take any chances on it not making me sleepy!

This is also caffeine and glutton free!  You can purchase Sleepytime Extra for $3.18 for 20 Bags.

Here are the Steps on how to brew Sleepytime Extra Tea!

First you want to brew your water. I just use my Keurig, but you can boil water the old fashioned way on your stove top, or microwave.


Then you will want to remove a tea bag from the box and place it into your boiling hot water.


Next you will want to steep your tea for 4-6 minuets.


Dispose of your tea bag and if you fancy add your favorite sweetener.


Mix it up until the sweetener dissolves.


Now here comes my favorite step! Drink up!

This has a very strong spearmint and dill pickle taste to me. This is why I flush that out with the sweetener. It will definitely take a few cups to get accustomed to.  I like to drink this in bed with my Netflix show on. About 30-40 minuets into my show, my eyes are growing heavy and I am catching myself falling a sleep before the show is even over! No more worrying about getting sucked into the next episode and staying up another hour! Nope, I am dreaming away!

Now the awesome part about this Sleepytime tea is I get a good nights rest and I don’t wake up with a fat head or a bad mood. I wake up well rested and feeling great!

I sure hope you at least give this a try if you are having problems adjusting to a new bed time routine! I believe you are really going to love it!


*This is strictly a review of my own opinion.

You can’t be beautiful with out a good nights sleep!


Leigh Leigh

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Have you ever read this hashtag; #mycurrentsituation on a friends social media sight under one of their pictures?

#mycurrentsituation Her Daddy is about to have a heart attack in his new truck!
#mycurrentsituation Her Daddy is about to have a heart attack in his new truck!

I always get a good laugh out of the ones that pop up in my news feeds because like myself, most of my friends are mothers and so their #mycurrentsituation pictures usually consists of a humongous mess that they are left to clean up! It’s a sympathetic laugh not a mean laugh!!

For instance, you may see a picture of an adorable little girl who looks like she is auditioning to be a clown after playing in Mommy’s makeup while Mommy was busy cleaning house. How about the one with Walls and baby covered in black sharpie? Sometimes there are even photos of big boo boos, and broken or spranged bones.

#mycurrentsituation SUNBURN
#mycurrentsituation SUNBURN

Maybe it is a bigger situation that requires Immediate Medical Attention, Or maybe it’s so personal, so upsetting, so emotionally damaging and deep you would never hash tag and post a picture of it.

#mycurrentsituation Sick baby girl day before vacation!!
#mycurrentsituation Sick baby girl day before vacation!!


If you are having a #mycurrentsituation that seems to be lingering into what feels like a #mylifesituation, cheer up my friend! Let me encourage you with some words of #TRUTH!! 🙂


Remember time is fleeting! Psalm 89:47

Seasons in life are temporary. 2 Corinthians 4:18

This, whatever you are going through, will soon just be a distant memory.

Human feelings and emotions are fickle.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

Our desire to want is way more then our desire to be content with what we have, leaving us unstatisfied and incomplete.

Hold on, trust God, believe in hope, and have a little faith in whatever your #currentsituation may be.

Excuse yourself from being the Healer, Fixer, Mender, Doctor and take your #mycurrentsituation to God. He can clean up any mess that we or anyone else for that matter may have gotten ourselves in today!

Ephesians 3 v 20



-Leigh Leigh

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Busting the Monday Morning Blues


Monday’s happen to be one of my new favorite days of the week. I use to look forward to Friday’s because it was a sign of things ending and time to be spent resting with the Husband and kids. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy Friday afternoon around 4:10 when he comes walking through the door from work, but there is something inspiring about Mondays!

Monday marks new beginnings. Last week is behind us, a new week hangs in the mystery of the future. Maybe the older I get the more I seek after challenges. I am really not sure!


Picture found on

As you journey into a new week today I would like to give you some words of great wisdom found in Proverbs 21.

“Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity, and honor.” Proverbs 21:21

To pursue something means to follow, to get, to be involved in.

Righteousness means morally good.

Prosperity is a condition of being well, successful, or thriving.

Honor means you are respected or judged of good character.

So when we put this all together it looks like this….

Whoever (anyone) goes after; chases; gets in involved in morally good things, and loves, will find life, the state of being well and thriving, and respected and esteemed by others.

How does this look played out in ones life? Well I don’t know about you but for me it looks like this.

I can pursue my husband in love. I can put him before myself by thinking of his needs first above mine. This may be taking an extra ten minuets of my afternoon to rub his back after a hard days work. Cooking his favorite meal, when I would rather pop in oven pizza. Running his errands, instead of lounging by the pool.

I can pursue my children by putting their needs above mine. I can do this by spending extra one on one time when I would rather send them up the stairs to play together. Take them to the park to feed the ducks, instead of making sure the house is absolutely immaculate for 5 minuets! Reading them a bible story instead of turning on the television.

I can pursue my friends and family by picking up the phone or sending a text to let them know I love them, that I am thinking of them, and I am praying for them. I can invite them over for play dates, or lunch.

Pursue my blog so that it will be fruitful to those who read it. Pursue my laundry so that it doesn’t collect to be the size of Mount Everest and take me down in defeat while my children holler out they have nothing to wear by Wednesday. Pursue my home so that my family has a clean, organized place to land after all the weeks events unfold outside of them home. You get the point! 😉

Pursue my relationship with Jesus by praying, reading my bible, singing songs of worship.

I can pursue righteousness by making conscious efforts to set my thoughts in heavenly places. Pray to not fall into temptation of road rage, impatience at the grocery check out line, laziness, negative thinking, nasty critical snap judgments of others. Stopping and pausing before I speak. Remembering to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger. Fixing my eyes on Jesus.


*photo found on

Pursue is the exact opposite of Passive. We are creatures made to move not lie doormat.

Be inspired! Be excited that it’s Monday! It’s a new fresh start and as you go along this week remember to pursue, pursue, pursue!

Pursue love, righteousness and be amazed at its return of LIFE, PROSPERITY, and HONOR!

Stop and think about it for a moment. How will this week be different for you if you followed Proverbs 21:21’s advise?


Leigh Leigh

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The Flower child



Kenna, my four year old daughter, is a complete joy and blessing. She has been a go get her since birth. She is my baby out of the bunch and she has just always had this way about her that oozes free spirit. You would find her shoulder deep in side walk chalk and candy as a toddler, and now her favorite past time is collecting bugs, dead or alive, she doesn’t mind.


She enjoys the earth and all its dirt and glory, but she still loves to dress up in her princess dresses and put on make up with Momma’s high Heels.


She may be a “Classy” Flower girl, if there was ever such a thing! She has recently asked me if she could sleep in just her shorts like her brother does! Which I followed up with , “When you are an adult living on your own, you may wear whatever you would like to sleep in, but for now let’s keep the jammies on!”

I promised the kids I would take them swimming when we returned home today from Mommies work out time at the Gym. When we stepped foot in our home, I hurried to make lunches and they scrambled to find their bathing suits. Handling typical Momma pre pool responsibilities, I was the last to get my gym clothes off and get changed, and just like clock where right as I am changing my shirt, Kenna bursts into my room unannounced to announce some nonsense none the less. I really think kids just have this six sense that tells them when Mom is not available and would prefer to remain unavailable to them, you know, bathroom breaks and other sorts! 😉

“Mom!” She blurts out!

I replied with a silent, “What?”

“YOU HAVE BRAS ON?” (Not to confuse you, I am not a freak of nature that requires two, as in plural, bras on at one time, she has always called a bra a bras!)


I answered calmly, ” Well of course I do, it’s a sports bra Kenna, Mommies wear those when they work out.”


At this moment, I am completely puzzled.

“Why Kenna, Why does this bother your or concern you that I have a sports bra on? Remember I told you before all women wear them.”

I almost couldn’t contain my laughter when she responded with such horror in her voice and shock on her face.


That was the completion of that conversation. I didn’t even have the words to respond!

I have to say I still sit here giggling just as dumbfounded as I was when the words first jumped off her lips trying to figure out why on earth wearing a “bras” would make me “The Crazy Mom!”

Wasn’t the “The Crazy Mom” the Lady who goes out in public with no bra on!? 🙂

So this concludes my suspicions as to why there isn’t a shadow of the doubt, that I am absolutely raising the next Flower Child.  I sure hope this mind set of hers changes before we hit middle school, or we may just have some bumping of the heads! I have decided it is not a bad ideal to pray for grace now for the days to come with Miss Kenna!



I love that little girl to pieces! ❤


-Leigh Leigh

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